Sleep Trouble, Tornadoes and “Sexy and I Know It”

I’ve been having trouble sleeping for awhile now. Couldn’t figure it out. I was tired all the time and beginning to fear something sinister like mold. So I stripped the bed yesterday to wash everything and I realized those soft, soft pillows my roommate put on my bed were feather pillows. I’m allergic to feathers.

Last night some severe storms swept through my area, including at one point a warning that a possible tornado would be at my doorstep in 20 minutes. My roommates and I decided it was safer to leave the house, so we went and hung out in the center of our local Wal*Mart while the storm passed. Although there was a point where I was certain that a tornado was practically on top of us, nothing touched down despite the wind and hail.

So last night, once the all clear was given, I went to bed on clean sheets and non-feather pillows. And I slept very, very well for the first time in weeks.

There is likely some moral to this story about the dangers that creep up on us unawares, like feather pillows causing sleep deprivation, and about the big dangers we fear, prepare for and are relieved when they don’t actually materialize. Someone else can moralize this morning. I feel so good from my night’s sleep after all that worry that I haven’t the heart to be thoughtful. I just send my love to those hurt by the storm and be thankful I escaped the danger.

What I will do is share the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. Arthur Hinds posted this on FB this morning and you shouldn’t drink or eat while watching it.

Crank up the sound and click here.

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