Spring Song

Possibly the most sickly sweet piece of classical music ever written.

So how do you plan to celebrate Ostara?

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  • http://johnfranc.blogspot.com/ John Beckett

    Every time I hear that piece I expect to see Bugs Bunny coming up out of his rabbit den.

  • P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

    I was about to say something similar…

    Bugs skipping around in a toga with a laurel crown, plucking a harp, and Daffy Duck coming up behind him likewise, and then getting tripped, etc.  ;)

  • LezlieKinyon

    Thanks- it’s a pretty saccharine piece.  Spring Equinox? We are walking labyrinths in Sibley Park  & I’m making spring bread (sort of muffin-y things) to take to friends. (For the curious:  the recipe will be on my blog a bit later this week.)    I’m thinking about making some colored eggs (you inspired me).  But, first, an interminable Board meeting… …

  • LezlieKinyon

    Speaking of music,  musician friend,  Jarek Tatarek,  just sent this (just…wow….):
    In the Silence | Rock http://www.reverbnation.comIn the Silence from Sacramento, CA

  • LezlieKinyon

     the link didn’t show, I think this is it: http://www.reverbnation.com/inthesilence.
    Jarek Tatarek is a long-time Pagan with a band called Arcane Dimension. Keep them in mind, they are going places.

  • DragonBreath

    They sound to me like they have a metal Gothic sound a bit like Nox Arcana and Delerium.

  • LezlieKinyon

    Kinda – yeah. Sort of as if there were a child born of the progressive rockers & Dean Can Dance. Also remind us that it’s autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. (Yay Sun & the wobble in the Earth’s axis that makes the seasons.) 

  • Aidan Kelly

    In Bavaria, I found that the local Catholics set up the Tannenbaum at the end of Advent and kept it up until Candlemas = Imbolc, then redecorated it for Fasching, and finally took it down on Ash Wednesday. I guess the French have a similarcustom. We just moved back from New Orleans, where the tree is redecorated as a Mardi Gras tree, which we’ve also kept. My wife has just redecorated ours as an Ostara tree, with colored eggs, candy, and rabbits.

  • http://www.patheos.com/ Star Foster

     I know it’s a typo, but Dean Can Dance reminded me of how much I love the show Community.

  • LezlieKinyon

    DCD are touring this summer – I keep waiting for the US tour dates…