Delphic Maxims: Be Overcome By Justice (Ηττω υπο δικαιου)

This may be one of my favorite Maxims. It is the counterpoint to Obey the Law. Sure, we have to stop at stop signs and pay our taxes, but we are also commanded to Be Overcome By Justice.

I love that word: overcome. It reminds me of the old civil rights spiritual: We Shall Overcome.

So when it comes to our rights being taken from us, do we obey the law or do we allow ourselves to be overcome by justice?

I think the same-sex marriage debate raging in this country is a great example of people being overcome by justice.

There’s a sense of being caught up in what is right, fair and just in this Maxim. When faced with injustice do we set aside timidity and allow ourselves to be fearlessly overcome by justice? There is a sense here that we are not to allow injustice to stand.

There is also a sense that we should accept the justice served to us. Sometimes we are in the wrong, and we have to face the consequences. We have to allow ourselves to be overcome by justice, to learn our lesson and be a better person for it.

I can see this Maxim on a protester’s placard. If any part of our society needs to be overcome by justice, it surely is our government.

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