Delphic Maxims: Respect Your Parents (Γονεις αιδου)

First let me send out some link love to all the folks also blogging through the Maxims:

Aine Llewellyn tackles three at once, Anne Hatzakis takes on Follow God and Obey the Law, John Beckett gives a polytheistic take on Worship the Gods, and Niki Whiting takes on the difference between worship and devotion.

With Mother’s Day this weekend, and Father’s Day next month, this is a good time to consider the 4th Maxim.

I know a lot of Pagans have difficult relationships with their parents who don’t fully accept their religion, gender or sexuality. And it can be difficult to respect your parents the way they think you should if you have a troubled relationship with them.

As a childless woman with a deceased father and distant mother, I find myself thinking about this Maxim in terms of respecting parenthood. Both in respecting the difficulty my parents experienced in raising me and my siblings, and in being a parent that deserves respect.

Perhaps the way to act on this Maxim is to respect your parents the best way you can, even if that means just pouring a libation in their honor quietly. If you have a good relationship with your parents treating them to dinner and taking time to help them with projects is a great way to show respect and love. If you can improve your relationship with your parents, this time of year is a good time to start. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day provide a good excuse to call, and there are all sorts of outdoor activities you can try doing together. If you can’t call your parents and/or spend time with them, for whatever reason, then perhaps you can make a regular habit of pouring a libation or lighting a candle to be thankful for your life and that you survived to adulthood.

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