Pagan Hangout: Earth-based or Of The Universe?

Yup, we’re at it again! If you can’t watch live (we can see your comments and questions during broadcast and respond to them) then never fear, it will be available on Youtube for your viewing convenience.

I’ll be embedding the video here so you can open this page in a tab as a reminder to watch later.

We’ll start at 11 AM EDT broadcasting every Wednesday, and here’s a timezone schedule so you don’t have to do the math:

11 AM EDT (New York)
10 AM CDT (Nashville)
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8 AM PDT (Seattle)
4 PM BST (London)

This week’s topic:

Wednesday June 13th – Earth-based or Of The Universe?

NASA is exploring Mars to gauge if it is potentially habitable. A lot of Pagans identify as having an earth-based religion. With global warming and technological advances, what does that really mean, and how will that serve us in the future?

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