I’m Dumb as Mary Jane and Lois Lane: Teo Bishop is Matt Morris

Teo Bishop has come out as popular recording artist Matt Morris. I’m not merely surprised, I’m downright speechless. To echo my friend David Salisbury: This is like Mary Jane discovering that Peter Parker is Spiderman.

Teo isn’t merely internet famous, he sang on Ellen with Justin freaking Timerlake as his backup singer.

YouTube Preview Image

So I’m feeling a bit dumb for not making this connection.

But aside from being once again awed by his talent, I’m impressed by his bravery. He has come out as Pagan on the internet. That toothpaste won’t go back in the tube. It will affect his career.

This can’t have been an easy decision to make. I’m astounded and overwhelmed by it all.

I am so proud of you, Teo. Your courage inspires me. I really needed to be inspired today. Thank you.

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  • Alan Sheridan

    I’m still a little ferklempt, but I think it’s awesome of him to have felt so comfortable with himself to do this.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1495009300 La’Trice Lott

    I’m right there with you.  Listening to the samples from Sacred Electric Grove, I was thinking, “His voice sounds so familiar” . . .Duh.   But as I said before Teo/Matt,  Matt/Teo, it matters not.

    • http://www.patheos.com/ Star Foster

       He is Teo to me. And as always, his talent keeps astounding me. Next thing I know i’ll learn he’s actually the director of Avatar.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1495009300 La’Trice Lott

        I guess I should have add that he’s an inspiration either way. And my palm to forehead moments just keep coming because I just remembered that  HAVE his CD “Everything Breaks Open”. 

  • Crystal Kendrick

    The song in the video you linked is absolutely gorgeous.  Man, he has an amazingly beautiful voice.

  • http://vermillionrush.wordpress.com/ Vermillion

    I seriously let out a squeak. Not even joking it’s not so much the JT connection (although OMG OMG OMG) but I used to watch him on the new Mickey Mouse Club when I was a kid! He was one of my favourites! I have VHS tapes of him IN MY CLOSET.

    Mind blown.

  • http://www.120squarefeet.com/ Laura M. LaVoie

    Here’s something totally crazy… I rarely get to (or got to) watch daytime television when I was working my old job. But one day I happened to be home and I happened to watch Ellen and I saw *this* performance. I remember thinking it was really nice and I loved the dude’s jaunty knit cap. *AND* I already knew Teo on line at that point.

    It does make one feel a little dumb when you can’t make that kind of connection. 

  • W. Keith Baldwin

    Ironically, I had no idea who Matt Morris is.  However, as to the title/opening of your post – MJ knew before Pete told her.  Lois, on the other hand…