Pagan Hangout: Online Community, Culture, Trolls and Real Life

Paganism online is a totally different animal from the face-to-face Pagan culture and community. What are the strengths, weaknesses and issues that face those who primarily engage with Paganism online?

We will begin broadcasting shortly, and here is a time zone guide.

11 AM EDT (New York)
10 AM CDT (Nashville)
9 AM MDT (Denver)
8 AM PDT (Seattle)
4 PM BST (London)


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About Star Foster

Polytheistic Wiccan initiated into the Ravenwood tradition, she has many opinions. Some of them are actually useful.

  • Helmsman Of-Inepu

    One point to remember in the ‘online vs real life’ community is that some paths would be virtually impossible without online connections. Sure you can probably scare up a group of people to get together if you’re Wiccan, even if you are in a small-ish town. But what about if you’re Kemetic, or worse, a Canaanite polytheist? Try finding the twelve nearest Canaanites and try planning a get-together for them!

    The other assumption is that in-person communication is easier, clearer, or more civil, and that’s not always the case. If it was, there’d never be bar fights! How often can you state your thoughts in an in-person paragraph-length utterance without being interrupted, or feeling like you need to cut things short so you aren’t dominating the conversation?

    Interesting program!