Open Thread: The Lion and the Unicorn Tavern

Once upon a time, long ago, in a land far, far away (Beliefnet forums circa 2000 CE) there was a magical tavern, whose name I no longer recall. Someone accused Pagans of worshiping “Stan,” and thus Stan the bartender at the greatest tavern in Hel was born. People would come in, sit down, rest, grab a glass of refreshment and enjoy each other’s company. Some folks took handbasket rides across the lake of fire, and I seem to recall someone petitioning for a NHL franchise in anticipation of the day Hel froze over.

In honor of the tight community created there, I offer this new virtual tavern in the guise of an unmoderated open thread. Come in, have a seat, give Stan your drink order, and enjoy the company of your fellow Pagans. If someone is a jerk, flag them as such, and I will look into it. Otherwise, it’s just a free for all.

Be civil and remember demons aren’t allowed in the tavern. It’s against their union rules. Enjoy!

Fado Irish Pub, Chicago


About Star Foster

Polytheistic Wiccan initiated into the Ravenwood tradition, she has many opinions. Some of them are actually useful.

  • Star Foster

    Grabs a seat in her nest chair by the fire, asks Stan for a steaming mug of cocoa (extra marshmallows),  and settles in with a good book.

  • Anne Hatzakis

    Grabs a seat in the wi-fi nook, asks Stan for a rum and Pepsi, and settles in to study

    • Star Foster

  • Daniel Castaneda

    Pulls up a stool at the bar, orders a tall, cold whitbier and goes back to reading the Poetic Edda.

  • Lēoht Sceadusawol

    Mine’s an apple juice, and keep the satinists away – I hate the feel of that fabric!

  • Aine

    Pleeeeeease tell me there is coffee! It’s all I need.

    In the meantime, I’ll be over here mumbling about faeries and trying to get people to dance (badly!) with me.

    • Star Foster

       *passes cup with lid so as to prevent dancing spillage*

  • PhaedraHPS

    Stan, be a good bartender. Just hand me a shot of Irish whiskey and listen to my troubles.

  • Themon the Bard

    Can I order a double of distilled spirits?

    • Star Foster

       Is that similar to restless spirits?

      • Themon the Bard

        I think that would be destilled spirits.

        • Star Foster


  • Ursyl

    I remember that place! I enjoyed hanging out by the unicorn stables near the lake.

    I seem to recall some enjoying “water” skiing on that lake.

    Some Bailey’s Irish Cream please, Stan.

  • Lēoht Sceadusawol

    *Nudges the juke box into life*

    • Star Foster

       That is kind of awesome…

      • Lēoht Sceadusawol

         My kind of bar/tavern. ;)

        I thought I’d go with some light, fun music. Seemed a lot more appropriate for the venue than some of the more sombre/dark music I habitually listen to.

    • Lamyka L.

      Awww wow Finntroll! I love that song hehe

  • Star Foster

    Sits down with a big, bright orange sliced in half. Finds herself longing for Yule!

  • Ywen DragonEye

    Moniack Mead here please, Stan. A toast to the Kindred!

  • Nathair_an_Draoi

    Your best Islay single malt and a hot chocolate chip cookie please.

  • Ladygreybird

    Hail Everyone! I will have a Parrot bay and 7up please and hot buttered popcorn…

  • Lamyka L.

    *jumps bar and joins Stan* Thank you kindly Stan but I can make my own. Anyone want a drink from the Mixtress? If you don’t like what I make you I could always just slap you with a random bottle instead :-)

  • Boadicea35

    I remember that chat from AOLhel days, I was thinking about it the other day. Too cool. Boilermaker please.

  • Star Foster

    *settles in with a cup of hot tea, pulls her hood down low and soaks in the warmth of the fireplace*

  • Shaun

    Hey Star, was that the old Cup and Chalice Pub you were speaking of. If so I remember it fondly!

  • Meadhbha

    Oh, tell me you have Woodpecker on tap, please, Stan.  I haven’t had it in ages.