Open Thread: The Lion and the Unicorn Tavern

Once upon a time, long ago, in a land far, far away (Beliefnet forums circa 2000 CE) there was a magical tavern, whose name I no longer recall. Someone accused Pagans of worshiping “Stan,” and thus Stan the bartender at the greatest tavern in Hel was born. People would come in, sit down, rest, grab a glass of refreshment and enjoy each other’s company. Some folks took handbasket rides across the lake of fire, and I seem to recall someone petitioning for a NHL franchise in anticipation of the day Hel froze over.

In honor of the tight community created there, I offer this new virtual tavern in the guise of an unmoderated open thread. Come in, have a seat, give Stan your drink order, and enjoy the company of your fellow Pagans. If someone is a jerk, flag them as such, and I will look into it. Otherwise, it’s just a free for all.

Be civil and remember demons aren’t allowed in the tavern. It’s against their union rules. Enjoy!

Fado Irish Pub, Chicago


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