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Sara Amis writes fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and rants. She is a Faery initiate who kicks it old-school, a member of Hellbender Coven, and has many opinions. Her work has appeared in Datura, Jabberwocky, Lilith Queen of the Desert, Witches and Pagans, Moon Milk Review, A Mantle of Stars, and her blog, the Consequence of Chance. Her poem series The Sophia Leaves Text Messages was published as an artist's book by Papaveria Press. She teaches Tarot and magic sometimes.

Love Conquers All

My coven's more or less unofficial motto (we never went through a formal process of adopting it, on the other hand nobody saw fit to argue with me about it) is Omnia vincit amor.  I am a devotee of Ishtar, and its her kind of turn of phrase. Love...and battles.My inner eleven-year-old recalls that the phrase "Love conquers all" is the parting syrupy chorus in Disney's Sleeping Beauty, a story that like so many things was much darker in the original version.  According to Disney, it means t … [Read more...]

Brighid Poetry Festival: The woman of seven stars goes hunting

The 6th Annual Brighid Poetry Festival is an internet tradition to honor Brighid, Goddess of Smithcraft and Poetry. It is that time of year again, when bloggers around the world post a favorite poem in honor of Brigid, the Irish goddess and patron saint of smithcraft, poetry, and healing. Brigid’s feast day is February 1st, so between now and then is the perfect time to publish a poem to celebrate. Here at Pantheon we decided to join in:The woman of seven stars goes hunting by Sara Amis; o … [Read more...]

The Art of Forthright Speech

So, there's this story, about Inanna.  Basically, she goes to the God of Wisdom, Enki, and is all, "Hey there, I'm Ereshkigal's little sister, I'm the goddess of Lurve and Battles, and I'm smokin' hot."Enki says,  "Heh heh heh. Yes, honey, you sure are."Inanna says, "Would you like a beer?"So Enki (who is supposed to be the God of Wisdom, some metaphor there I guess), drinks all of Inanna's beer.  And gives her all his me, the holy powers of the Gods.  Inanna says, "Thanks, Enki!"In … [Read more...]

Sing to the Mighty Dead

My local Feri folks and I had our Samhain ritual this past Saturday, but what with the Florida Pagan Gathering next weekend (I’ll be there talking about Southern folk magic) and the local UU Pagans doing a silent supper the weekend after that, my Samhain season is just beginning. Naturally, I’ve been sitting in front of my ancestor altar a lot and making offerings to them. Just last night we were having pears and rum.“Ancestors” need not only refer to your blood relatives; in religious witchcr … [Read more...]

Lilith’s Compost Pile

I have been reading Lilith: Queen of the Desert, a Lilith devotional compiled and edited by Anya Kless and published by Knickerbocker Circus Press. Full disclosure: one of my poems is in it. So hey, quality literature at it's finest already.I have to say that I found some sections in the latter part of the book a little weak, mainly due to the authors not defining terms used or explaining philosophical stances taken by their respective subcultures.  There's a difference between writing for … [Read more...]

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The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell. Don't go back to sleep. - Jellaludin RumiI got up from my bed and went wandering through the woods at dawn. I sat on a plank bridge across a lake, facing the rising east, while frogs spoke behind me. Then I walked deeper into the woods where other voices chanted up the sun.  Something I couldn't see, whose voice I didn't recognize, squeaked and jumped into the creek.  A bunny bounded from my path, flashing his white tail at me a few times.  Then he sa … [Read more...]

Practical Theology, Part One: In which I wander blithely from hard science to far-out mysticism

“Most witches don’t believe in gods. They know that the gods exist, of course. They even deal with them occasionally. But they don’t believe in them. They know them too well. It would be like believing in the postman.” --Terry PrachettEvery so often someone asks me, with varying degrees of politeness, how I can believe in that witchcraft magicky Goddess stuff. How do I know it's real? And don't I worry that having Gods talk to me means I'm crazy?The answers are, in order, 1) people believ … [Read more...]

Basic But Not Simple

Some people, when they go to learn a different tradition, go from one teacher to another (more about that later), or when they start training in a formal tradition after having been doing things their own way for years, are daunted by the prospect of starting all over again. I've also seen people who are used to picking up intellectual knowledge very quickly get frustrated at the pace of magical training, or dismayed at their own lack of facility at it, or sometimes bored with the apparent … [Read more...]

Initiation variety pack

I was first initiated into a religious tradition when I was twelve years old. I underwent a symbolic death and rebirth, was ritually cleansed, and was recognized as a member of the spiritual family with a celebratory feast. That is to say, I joined the Baptist church.Since then I've undergone several more initiations: into a Taoist temple, by the Gods, into Feri, and when defending my MFA thesis. They vary in details, but the same elements tend to be there in various combinations: a ritual … [Read more...]


This isn't going to be a very uplifting Memorial Day post. Nor is it very Pagan, except perhaps in the way that I view collective responsibility and the necessity to uphold it.This time last year, we had just found out that my brother, a Vietnam veteran, had liver cancer. He hadn't been getting regular screenings from the VA even though he had been exposed to Agent Orange and should have been considered high-risk. They didn't tell him that. It was just the last in a myriad of ways that the … [Read more...]