shaferCody Ray Shafer is a writer and culture critic currently based in Ireland. See all of Cody’s posts                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



739760_10200205230990442_559924584_oNicolas Jensen is a senior political science and international relations major at Western Washington University and an LGBTQ+ activist with a strong interest in gender, sexuality, and race relations within America.



profile JJ Feinauer is pretty sure that Who Framed Roger Rabbit is the cleverest movie he’s ever seen.




Tarik Tarik D. LaCour is a philosopher, theologian and cognitive scientist currently studying at UVU. His main interests are Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science, Cognitive Science, and Philosophical Theology. His main influences are Joseph Smith, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Nietzsche and Thomas Aquinas.



StephanieStephanie Asalone is a graduate of Penn State University and works in downtown Salt Lake City. She enjoys being one of the few writers on the blog who does not have an advanced degree or impressive professional title.



KarenKaren Smyth is a non-LDS, PhD student in American Studies in Saint Louis and writes about gender and feminism in the Mormon Church.





Marcello Jun de Oliveira is Facial Plastic Surgeon in São Paulo, Brazil. He is currently working on an M.A. in History, and is a co-founder of the Brazilian Mormon Studies Association.




Nicole Shepard is a writer/filmmaker Mormon lady who spends [too much] time thinking about Wes Anderson movies, equality and what the hell “faith” really means.



Matthew Bowman is the patron saint of Peculiar People, where he often whispers words of guidance as though he were an omnipresent entity of wisdom and truth. He also teaches history at Bowling Green State University and is the author of The Mormon People: the Making of an American Faith.