Quick Takes #30: Random Confessions

1.I love Christmas. I have so many good childhood memories of Christmastime. I love putting up lights and decorating my house. I love all the little traditions. I love stuffing stockings for early Christmas morning (stockings always have the best gifts of all!). I love listening to Christmas music (how else can I explain how the line " God is not dead nor does he sleep" from "I heard the bells on Christmas day" always makes me cry?)That being said, we pick and choose what we do. We only bake a few batches of cookies, and we give most of them away. I don't send Christmas cards ( I NEVER have them done on time). I don't buy the latest and and greatest toy for my kids. I am always on the l … [Read more...]

Blog Anniversary and The Art of Community Life

When I started this blog a year ago, I remember thinking that I just needed a place to organize my thoughts and process everything I’m wrestling with. I created it on a whim (hence the unoriginal name “Musing of a Young Mom”) and thought that I might have a half-dozen followers after a year. Imagine my surprise when I had 2 followers within a week (Catholic Mutt and The Married Couple Thanks guys!) and now a year later I have 80? I still can hardly believe it. I continue to write this blog for me, so I write sporadically on whatever happens to be in my head. When I started writing here, I was sure of so many things, and at the end of a year, I feel as though there isn't that mu … [Read more...]

Family Drama and Facebook

Early this year, I linked an article on the death of Lydia Shatz on my IRL facebook profile and mentioned that the Pearls teachings can be dangerous. I was challenged by several facebook friends that defended spanking and Michael Pearl, and asked how I could say that spanking could be dangerous when I spanked my own children. So I “came out” on facebook as a non-spanker. The incessant questions (What on earth did I do for discipline now? Why did I stop spanking? Did we really NEVER spank at all? What could be wrong with the teachings of Michael Pearl?) led to me writing a note on my profile to answer them all. That note got over 20 comments, mostly disagreements. And so began a Facebook Dra … [Read more...]

I’m not afraid anymore

I struggle with depression. There are several dark years in my Teens. Years where I didn’t want to get up out of bed, where I had a hard time smiling, where I thought about suicide and planned how I could end my pain forever. At some point, I discovered several food sensitivities as well as low thyroid and was able to make some improvements in my health. With less physical pain in my life I was able to cope with my depression a little better, but it was still a struggle. I was under a lot of pressure, there were alot of rules. I was not allowed to decide anything for myself, my life's path felt pre-determined, I had to pretend to be who my parents wanted me to be. When I fell i … [Read more...]

If you ask your pregnant wife for sex….

I'm in a silly mood. So, in the spirit of "If you give a mouse a cookie", I present."If you ask your pregnant wife for sex"If you ask your pregnant wife for sex...She’ll probably realize, that she has to pee.So she’ll wan to run to the bathroom real quick. When she sees herself in the mirror, she’ll probably want to freshen up, so you’ll need to help her find the tweezers so she can pluck her eyebrows. When she’s finished plucking her eyebrows, she will start to clean the little hairs off the sink.Trying to clean up the hair will make her realize that the whole sink needs to be cleaned. So you will have to help her find the right cleaner. She will wipe down the sink. She’ll probably … [Read more...]

Mama Health: Semi-weekly- Occasionally

I've been writing a series on the importance of Moms caring for themselves so that they are able to be healthy enough to care for their children.This post is about the self care stuff that takes a bit more planning. You know, the things you have to be intentional about. I have to admit, I haven’t really gotten good at doing the things that require planning ahead. Here are some of my ideas for things that I would love to try out, and possibly fit into my life on a consistent basis:Time alone I'm an introvert, so I relish having time by myself. It really doesn't happen all that often though, since I also love to be with my husband and my kids! Maybe this will be something that gets e … [Read more...]