The Church Calendar, Holy days, and Traditions

Growing up, we celebrated New Years Day, The 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and through a weird quirk of bloodlines St. Patricks Day. Any other holiday or holy day was not celebrated at all. Valentines day was silly, Palm Sunday and and Easter were considered "pagan" by my Dad, Halloween was evil and avoided completely. The only holidays that felt remotely religious in my childhood would have been Thanksgiving (we always read about how the pilgrims had escaped religious tyranny in the old world) and Christmas, when we set up the creche and read the Luke account of Jesus birth. We did not have a Christmas tree until the year I was 10, and even for a few years after that my Dad would … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes: Pregnancy Edition

This post is part of 7 Quick Takes hosted at Conversion Dairy. Head over there to read more Quick Takes or share your own.1.Yes, this is a pregnancy announcement! We are officially 12 weeks and heard a heartbeat this week. (I cannot explain the overwhelming feeling of God's love when I heard that little heart thumping) We are due in May, and are looking forward to welcoming another special little life into the world.I also wanted to include here that my blog will not be exclusively pregnancy related after this, and that I will try to give away the content in the title of whatever pregnancy posts I write, so that people who are grieving or unable to read about that right now … [Read more...]

The Baby Insomniac

Ms Pooky has always been a decent sleeper. As a newborn she would even sleep 4-5 hour stretches between feedings. Lately it’s been a different story. At 14 months old, she has decided that she no longer needs sleep. She sleeps in our room because we only have 2 bedrooms and she can’t move in with her sisters if she is waking up like this! Let me explain the way most of our nights have been going for the past 2 months and maybe you’ll understand.8:00 I attempt to put Ms Pooky to bed. She gets nursed, changed, cuddled, laid in bed.8:45 She finally falls asleep laying in her bed holding my hand.9:45 She wakes up screaming and demands to nurse. I nurse her and lay her bac … [Read more...]

Mama Health: Perfectionism

I was planning on posting my next installment of the Mama Health series, but it isn't finished. And the truth is, I haven't got the energy to finish it right now because I haven't been taking care of my self.I know, it's ridiculous right? I'm writing this series and I can't manage to follow my own advice! It makes me smile to look back on this week and see how I started my downward spiral. Even when writing last week's post on daily care I found myself getting frustrated. I'm so bad at this! Some days go by and I find myself retreating inside myself and refusing to talk about my feelings. I pretend everything is fine when all the while I'm beating myself up inside for some perceived … [Read more...]

Thirsting for God

I’ve read a few different things lately on the topic of thirsting for God. One woman asked herself if she truly thirsted for God, or if she was finding herself pretty happy without Him, bored with what He had to offer. Another asked if we tend to fill up on other things instead God, do we really allow Him to quench our thirst. It’s an interesting question for me, because I feel as though I do thirst for God. I feel dry, parched. Like I’ve been away from God for a long long time. I do long for God. I long to discover a different God then the fundamentalist, angry, God. Growing up I never felt as though I was enough for my parents. And now I still find myself struggling to feel good enough for … [Read more...]

Do we practice what we preach? Why I cannot be anti-gay rights.

I was recently in a conversation with my evangelical cousin. She is a very sweet loving person. She doesn’t hate gay people, but she knows that the Christian faith doesn’t approve. In Junior College she said that she was anti-gay rights in class, and was confronted by her classmates. She justified her political opinion with her religion. Reflecting on it later, she told me “its nice that you can blame it on your religion, then people don’t hate you so much.” In my mind I was thinking, “You’re right, maybe they don’t hate you, but they hate your religion. “Even if I accept the teachings of the Church that homosexual actions are sinful, I could never justify the discrimination Christians ha … [Read more...]