Religious Fundamentalism and Sexuality: The Plan

First of all, let me thank everyone who sent in their answers to my Religious Fundamentalism and Sexuality project in the past several weeks. I’m amazed, humbled and excited to report that I’ve received submissions from almost thirty people!

Here’s a quick overview of who’s participating (so far):

  1. 2 couples (I’ll post their answers together)
  2. 27 (all) women
  3. 11 people in their 20s
  4. 4 people in their 30s
  5. 5 people in their 40s
  6. 8 who are parents
  7. 18 who are in committed relationships or married

The rest you’ll just have to read to find out!

This great turnout, of course, poses some logistical issues. How am I going to publish thirty answers per question without drowning you all in words? How am I going to do justice to the authors? Well, I have an idea:

Starting this evening, I’m going to introduce six people. As per my original plan, I’ll post the question and then the responses from all six people in a single post. I’ll do this for each question until I reach the end. Then I’ll start the next round with six more people. I’m hoping that this format will not only present the material in a more digestible format, but also allow readers to keep track of who the respondents are and follow their particular stories.

Once I’ve finished each round, I’ll post the entire set of answers for each person in a permanent page under the “Sexuality Project” heading, so you can catch up on anything you’ve missed or just refer back to your favorite stories. The stories will be grouped according to common themes or ideas, whether they complement or contrast with one another.

Given that I’ll be publishing the responses on a rolling schedule, I’d like to reopen the project to anyone who might have been caught unprepared by this weekend’s deadline and would like to be involved. You can still read the questions here, and email them to me whenever you get them finished. I’ll consider the project ongoing and will post responses multiple times a week as long as I have material.

Thanks again to the participants! Let’s get this show on the road…

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