(In)voluntary Submission

I’ve noticed a lot of comments on No Longer Quivering recently claiming that there’s a difference between “voluntary submission,” which is godly, and “involuntary servitude,” which is not. The arguments usually run like this: Submitting to my husband fulfills my God-given desires for leadership. I don’t mind submitting to my husband; he doesn’t lord it [Read More…]

Holiday Wars

As a former retail slave, I have a request to make of all last-minute holiday shoppers. When you’re at the checkout, and the cashier says, “Have a nice holiday,” say thank you. When you’re at the checkout, and the cashier says, “Merry Christmas,” say thank you. When you’re at the checkout, and the cashier says, [Read More…]

DotP: Admissions

There is now a new addition to my story on No Longer Quivering: Daughter of the Patriarchy: Admissions It concerns how I got into college… and what happened when my female friends in the Message tried to go, too. I am nearing the end of my story after nearly three years on No Longer Quivering. [Read More…]

Modesty: a response to common misunderstandings

Inevitably, when I write about the modesty issue, I get some variation of the following responses: Modesty is about respecting yourself. Dressing “immodestly” also objectifies you. Only my husband has the right to see those parts of me. Do you want everyone to walk around naked? Even if men are responsible for themselves, we shouldn’t [Read More…]

How Modesty Made Me Fat

This isn’t a story about how modest clothes allowed me to “let myself go” and conceal a growing figure. It’s not even a story about how wearing modest clothes kept my self-esteem at rock bottom and thrust me into a too-close relationship with Ben & Jerry. It’s a story about how modesty doctrines impacted my [Read More…]

From Holy Days to Happiness

I’ve been having great fun with the holidays this year. I made a Halloween costume. I bought candy and put up a jack o’ lantern. Now I’m getting ready for the winter with snowmen decals on my windows, Christmas lights and ornaments for the tree I’m going to buy in a few weeks. In between, [Read More…]

Occupy Compassion

The American political sphere is something like a gladiator’s ring taken over by staggering drunks wielding clubs. Everybody hates everybody else; hatred is a prerequisite for entry. The Occupy Wall Street movement throws our polarized culture into a stark light: the Right wants to denounce the protesters as a rabble of lazy, entitled hippies. The [Read More…]

Throwing out the moral GPS

This is cross-posted at No Longer Quivering. Growing up in fundamentalism was like living with a moral GPS navigator installed in my head. Every decision was mapped out already; all I needed to do was listen to the voice telling me where to go. Sometimes I could stop and look at the map. Most of [Read More…]

A Historical Puzzle: Branham, the Apostles, and Vision Forum

Message of the Hour believers claim that William Branham was the last of seven prophets to “restore” the Bride of Christ to life as it was in the days of the apostles. For most believers, this means restoring miracles and divine healing, so Message believers insist that they have been given power to cast out [Read More…]

Doublespeak: Freedom is Safety

Fundamentalism has a nasty habit of redefining words. You can tell they’re doing it when the word to be defined is preceded by “true.” True Christians. True fulfillment. True peace. True freedom. Here’s an example of someone redefining freedom: Many people live under the false belief that God’s commandments are restrictive and that real freedom [Read More…]