Forced patriotism: New rules from the NFL will forbid players to protest police brutality and white supremacy during the National Anthem. Caving to pressure from President Trump and other white supremacists, the NFL will force players to stand for the National Anthem. In a deplorable move, the NFL has released a new policy mandating that all players and staff “shall stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem.” ESPN reports: NFL owners have unanimously approved a new national… Read more

Incompetent: Like a deer caught in the headlights, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos fails to answer some simple questions about civil rights policy. In yet another embarrassing demonstration of incompetence, Betsy DeVos flounders while being questioned by congress. On Tuesday DeVos appeared at a hearing before a House committee to answer questions from Democrats about the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights and how it plans to protect LGBT students from discrimination and harassment in schools. That hearing did not go… Read more

Good News: An Oregon high school police officer and principal have been fired for anti-LGBT discrimination, including telling gay students they were going to hell, and forcing them to read the Bible as punishment for being gay. Willamette Week reports: North Bend High School principal Bill Lucero and school resource officer Jason Griggs are being removed from their jobs in the district’s settlement with the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon. The firings come after complaints from former and current… Read more

An LGBT high school student bullied by her peers was told by the school police officer she was going to hell for being gay. North Bend High School, a small rural high school in Oregon, is under fire after multiple reports of abuse and discrimination against LGBT students. Previously Progressive Secular Humanist reported that the North Bend School District, located about 200 miles south of Portland, is facing serious discrimination charges, including allegations that at least one LGBT students was… Read more

Ammosexuals for Jesus: Facebook evangelist Josh Feuerstein says “the Second Amendment’s actually in the Bible.” In an idiotic rant, Facebook’s favorite evangelist Josh Feuerstein explains that God really wants Christians to have guns so they can fill the bad guys with “freedom seeds.” In his deranged rant Feuerstein declares: … if some bad guy tries to do something, he’s gonna get filled full of a bunch of .45 caliber freedom seeds. Now, for all of you people that are telling… Read more

Jordan “Patriarchy” Peterson, the smart person for dumb people, gives his alt-right fanboys permission to dream of “enforced monogamy.” Peterson, the newest star of the conservative alt-right firmament, also known as the Intellectual Dark Web, is a verbose panderer who caters to a deplorable band of young ideological conservatives. Salon reports: Peterson’s audience is made up of young, white males who feel subjugated in a society that is trying to prop up women and racial minorities. The New York Times… Read more

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos wants to lift constitutional restrictions on taxpayer money being used for religious education. Last week DeVos was in New York, where she went on a two day tour of private religious schools, but refused to visit any public schools. On her tour of private religious schools, DeVos spoke during a breakfast meeting hosted by the Alfred E. Smith Foundation. At the meeting Devos defended the use of public money for religious schools, telling the guests… Read more

Texas lawmaker Gene Wu says thoughts and prayers are not enough after a tragic school shooting in Texas. After ten people were killed and ten others injured at Santa Fe High School, Texas State Rep. Gene Wu, a Democrat, wrote a simple yet elegant and powerful tweet calling for change. Wu tweeted: Y’all been sending thoughts and prayers for two freaking decades now. Time to try something new. — Gene Wu (@GeneforTexas) May 18, 2018 (Y’all been sending thoughts and… Read more

Ten dead and ten injured in a high school shooting, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott believes “the problem is not guns, it’s hearts without God.” Calling Friday’s shooting “one of the most heinous attacks that we’ve ever seen in the history of Texas schools,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott told reporters Friday that ten people died after the shooting at Santa Fe High School, a Houston-area high school. More on Abbott’s statement via CNBC The governor said the suspect had a… Read more

“Born To Kill”: Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the Santa Fe School shooter who killed ten people in Texas on Friday, loved guns and Trump. According to reports, Pagourtzis allegedly shouted “surprise” before opening fire on students and teachers at Santa Fe High School in Texas. Witnesses told CW 39 Houston News that the shooter was wearing army boots, a trench coat, and a t-shirt with “Born to Kill” written on it. More details via CBS News: The suspect in a deadly shooting… Read more

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