Texas Couple Abandons Young Son Because He’s Possessed By Demons

Texas couple faces child endangerment charges after kicking 7-year-old son out of the house because he’s supposedly possessed by demons. Texas Today reports: A Hooks, Texas couple has been charged with child endangerment for allegedly locking a 7-year-old boy out of the house with instructions to never return. Ronald “Keith” Wright, 55, and Rendy Jo Wright, 39, allegedly told deputies with the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office that a preacher told them the child is possessed by demons. KLTV reports the… Read more

Hurricane Maria Destroys Puerto Rico, Governor Says ‘God Is With Us’

God hates Puerto Rico? In the face of overwhelming destruction, Governor Ricardo Rossello declares “God is with us,” despite evidence to the contrary. CNN reports that Hurricane Maria will leave Puerto Rico in the dark for months, noting that the power system is “basically… destroyed.” BBC reports: Hurricane Maria has knocked out power across the island of Puerto Rico, home to 3.5m people, officials have said. Flash flood warnings cover the entire island, which continues to be lashed by heavy rain… Read more

Trump Judicial Nominee: Transgender Kids Are Part Of ‘Satan’s Plan’

Dangerous religious extremist: Federal judicial nominee claims gay marriage leads to bestiality, and transgender children are evidence of “Satan’s plan.” Jeff Mateer, Trump’s nominee to be a District Judge on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Sherman division, is a dangerous religious extremist who rejects the separation of church and state. In addition, Mateer supports the deplorable practice of gay conversion therapy, claims gay marriage leads to bestiality, and believes that transgender children are evidence of… Read more

Christian College Football Players Face Felony Charges After Abusing Student

Nothing says Christian love like kidnapping and attempted rape: Five Wheaton College football players face felony charges after hazing fellow student. According to multiple reports five members of the varsity football team for the conservative Christian school Wheaton College have been charged with aggravated battery, mob action and unlawful restraint after terrorizing a freshman football player last year in a deplorable hazing incident. The DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office reports James Cooksey; Kyler Kregel; Benjamin Pettway; Noah Spielman and Samuel… Read more

Amazon Bans, Then Reinstates Controversial Gay Bible

The Holy Bible… But Gayer: The Bible rewritten with Rihanna as God and drag queens as disciples makes conservatives angry. Popular vlogger Elijah Daniel’s has rewritten The Bible to be more gay friendly by portraying Rihanna as God and Donald Trump as Satan. Yet not everyone was pleased with the blasphemy, and at one point earlier this week Amazon pulled the book from its electronic shelves. However, after multiple complaints, cooler heads prevailed, and the controversial but humorous Gay Bible… Read more

Emmy Winner Donald Glover Thanks ‘Great Algorithm’ Instead Of God

Emmy Award winner Donald Glover thanks “the great algorithm” instead of God during his acceptance speech. Glover, a former Jehovah’s witness, won an Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for his show “Atlanta.” Glover, the first black person to win in that category, began his acceptance speech for the award by declaring: Man. Yo, first I want to thank the great algorithm that put us all here… Glover went on to win a second award for outstanding lead… Read more

Vatican Uses Diplomatic Immunity To Shield Priest From Child Porn Charges

Pope Francis protects pedophile priest from prosecution: Vatican uses diplomatic immunity to shield priest from child porn charges. According to multiple reports, a high-ranking priest working in the Vatican’s embassy in Washington was caught with child pornography, including images of pre-pubescent children. However, after U.S. prosecutors indicated they were ready to charge the pedophile priest for possessing child pornography, the Vatican stepped in, claimed diplomatic immunity, and shipped the pedophile priest to Vatican city, where he is now safe from… Read more

Good News: Ted Cruz Says It’s Okay to Masturbate

Americans rejoice: Senator Ted Cruz says masturbation with sex toys is OK, declaring “Let people do what they want.” In his first interview after “liking” a steamy porn video on Twitter, Texas Senator Ted Cruz explained that the Twitter porn scandal was an “honest mistake.” Cruz went on to deny that he was responsible for “liking” the porn video on Twitter, instead blaming the incident on an “unnamed intern.” Cruz said: I promise you, the staffer feels terrible. During the… Read more

Cop Bullies Gay Teen On School Bus, Claims Student ‘Will Burn In Hell’

Using deplorable anti-gay slurs and citing the Bible, a West Virginia deputy bullies and harasses an openly gay teen on a public school bus. Clay County sheriff’s deputy Robert Belt is in hot water after multiple witnesses report that while working part-time as a school bus driver Belt used the bus intercom system to publicly humiliate and harass an openly gay high school student. According to multiple witnesses Belt singled the student out before announcing: No f*ggot activity will be… Read more

The Satanic Temple Fights For Abortion Rights In Missouri

The Satanic Temple claims abortion restrictions in Missouri violates the “sincerely held religious beliefs” of their members. Turnabout is fair play: A Missouri Satanist is challenging the state’s mandatory 72-hour waiting period for an abortion by claiming the restriction violates her sincerely held religious beliefs. In a detailed post for Medium, Jex Blackmore, National spokesperson for The Satanic Temple, explains: For over two years, The Satanic Temple (TST) has pursued a lawsuit against the Governor and Attorney General of Missouri,… Read more

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