Trump Bans CDC From Using Words Like ‘Fetus, Diversity, Transgender’

Orwellian Nightmare: Trump administration prohibits the CDC from using a list of seven words or phrases including “science-based” and “evidence-based.” The seven words and phrases being banned by the Trump administration are “diversity,” “fetus,” “transgender,” “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “science-based” and “evidence-based.” The Washington Post reports that agency analysts for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the nation’s top public health agency, are forbidden from using the 7 banned words and phrases in budget documents: The Trump administration is prohibiting… Read more

Watch: Trump Judicial Nominee Knows Nothing About The Law

Staggering incompetence: Viral video shows that Trump judicial nominee Matthew Spencer Petersen is unable to answer basic questions about the law. Rhode Island Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse shared a video via Twitter of  Trump judicial nominee Matthew Spencer Petersen struggling and unable to answer basic questions about the law while appearing before the Senate  Judiciary Committee. In the now viral video, Senator John Kennedy questions Petersen about his knowledge and experience. In the video, Petersen is unable to answer some… Read more

Conservative Christian Lawmaker Kills Himself After Sexual Assault Allegations

Dan Johnson, a conservative Christian pastor and Kentucky State lawmaker accused of sexual assault, shot and killed himself Wednesday. Rep. Johnson was under investigation for the alleged sexual molestation of a teenage girl. He denied the allegations and blamed the media and Satan for his recent trouble. On Tuesday, the day before his suicide, Johnson held a press conference at his church where he denied the molestation allegations. Just before his suicide, Johnson posted the following message on his Facebook page: The… Read more

Roy Moore Refuses To Concede Because He’s Waiting ‘For The Lord’

Hail Mary: Claiming “it’s not over” Republican Roy Moore refuses to concede the Alabama senate race to Democrat Doug Jones because he’s waiting “on God.”  After a stunning loss in the Alabama senate race Roy Moore is refusing to concede. Moore, who faced credible accusations of sexual misconduct and child molestation during the campaign, addressed his supporters on Tuesday night after The Associated Press called the race for his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones. The following is a transcript of those… Read more

Roy Moore Spokesman Claims Lawmakers Must Swear On Christian Bible

Roy Moore’s spokesman Ted Crockett is dumbfounded when he finds out that lawmakers don’t have to swear on a Christian Bible. Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s spokesman Ted Crockett made an appearance on CNN earlier today. It did not go well. Speaking with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Crockett first admitted that  Moore “probably” still believes that homosexual conduct should be illegal. When asked, Crockett told host Jake Tapper: It’s just a sin, OK? That’s what it is. It’s what my Bible… Read more

Grassley Urges Trump To Dump Christian Extremist Jeff Mateer

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley is urging Trump to reconsider the judicial nomination of Jeff Mateer, a dangerous Christian extremist.   CNN reports: Grassley told CNN that he is advising the White House to “reconsider” the nomination of Jeff Mateer, who was selected to become a federal judge in Texas. … “I’ve advised the White House they ought to reconsider,” Grassley said as he left a Judiciary Committee hearing. “I would advise the White House not to proceed.” Mateer… Read more

Ivanka Trump Tweets ‘Happy Holidays’ – War On Christmas Intensifies

Shots fired: Defying her father’s wishes, Ivanka Trump tweets “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” Newsweek reports: Ivanka Trump took a shot in the War on Christmas, defying her father by using the controversial and secular phrase “Happy Holidays.” The first daughter tweeted a photo with that phrase, and a photo of herself with two other women in front of a Christmas tree and American flag, on Monday night, a day before the start of Hanukkah. Trump, who was raised… Read more

Accused Christian Terrorists Demand Trump Voters Serve On Their Jury

Christian terrorists in Kansas accused of plotting to bomb a mosque are demanding that a significant number of Trump voters serve on their jury. Last year federal investigators stopped a domestic terrorist plot to bomb a Kansas apartment complex that is home to mostly Somali Muslims and is also used as a mosque. The plot to kill Muslims was planned by a small group of Christian extremists known as “The Crusaders.” Three southwestern Kansas men were arrested and charged in… Read more

Trump Rally Cheers Because Jerusalem Move Will Launch Armageddon

Conservative Christians cheer after GOP lawmaker predicts that moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem will usher in Armageddon. A Trump rally in Pensacola, Florida, offered a disturbing look into the End Times fantasies of many Trump loving conservative Christians. At the rally, Florida state Senator Doug Broxson suggested that Trump’s controversial decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem may usher in Armageddon, and the crowd cheered. Senator Broxson was one of several individuals introducing Trump to… Read more

Family Values Congressman Resigns After Trying To Impregnate Staffers

Gross: GOP Rep. Trent Franks, a “family values” conservative Christian, is resigning after trying to impregnate female staffers. According to reports, the married congressman approached multiple women on his staff, asking them if they would bear his child, and become surrogates for him and his wife. As one might imagine, the female staffers being approached by Franks were alarmed and disgusted by his bizarre request to impregnate staffers. Politico reports “Female aides fretted Franks wanted to have sex to impregnate… Read more

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