Report: Louisiana Using Bibles to Teach Science in Public Schools

The Creation of Adam (Image via Wikimedia)

Children suffer in Louisiana as Christian conservatives force creationism into the public school science classroom.A depressing report out of Louisiana reveals that creationism is being taught to children in public school science classrooms, and that some students read the Book of Genesis in order to learn the ‘science’ of creationism in biology class.Zack Kopplin, writing for Slate, obtained emails via a public records request from the Bossier Parish school district. The results are dis … [Read more...]

Huckabee Demonizes Being Trans While Wishing He Could Shower With Girls

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Preaching a message of fear and bigotry, Republican Presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee mocks transgender individuals while wishing he could have said he was transgender while in high school so he could have showered “with the girls.”Huckabee made his anti-trans remarks earlier this year while speaking at the 2015 National Religious Broadcasters Convention back in February.Huckabee’s controversial remarks were released earlier this week on YouTube by the conse … [Read more...]

Seth MacFarlane Mocks ‘Duck Dynasty’ At Awards Show

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Seth MacFarlane mocks Phil Robertson and the “Duck Dynasty” clan for believing “hurricanes are caused by gay marriage” during his acceptance speech at the Critics’ Choice TV Awards.MacFarlane was awarded the Broadcast Television Journalists' Association Louis XIII Genius Award at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards Sunday night, and used a portion of his acceptance speech to mock the religious superstition and bigotry of the “Duck Dynasty” clan.Accepting his award, MacFarlane, noting th … [Read more...]

Scott Walker Claims Mandatory Ultrasounds Are ‘Cool’

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Not Cool: Wisconsin Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Scott Walker thinks harassing women who want an abortion by forcing them to undergo an unwanted and unnecessary medical procedures is “cool.”Walker made some obnoxious and offensive comments concerning women and reproduction last week in an interview with conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch.On the program, Walker bragged about his anti-choice, anti-woman record, even going so far as to say that forcing a woman seeking a … [Read more...]

Michele Bachmann Advocates Christian Indoctrination For Immigrants

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Former Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann is upset that an increasing number of Americans are identifying as social liberals, and believes indoctrinating immigrants into “America’s predominant Christian religion” would help reverse the progressive trend.Bachmann, speaking with the conservative World Net Daily, discussed the question “Why America is moving left” along with fellow conservatives Ann Coulter and Phyllis Schlafly.Right Wing Watch reports that all three, Schlafly, Coulter, and Ba … [Read more...]

Caitlyn Jenner Emerges Despite Criticism From Religious Extremists

(Image via Twitter, Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.)

Trans Victory: Despite some ugly criticism from religious extremists, a brave Caitlyn Jenner makes her public debut on the cover of the July issue of Vanity Fair.Posing for a stunning photo shoot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, the transgender Olympic champion and reality star formerly known as Bruce Jenner was reintroduced to the world as a woman named Caitlyn Jenner earlier today.Jenner, 65, is now using female pronouns as she continues her transition.Earlier this year, in a … [Read more...]

Jehovah’s Witness Parents Refuse Life Saving Treatment for Son

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Respect for God means letting their child die: A seven-year-old boy in Australia needs a liver transplant and a blood transfusion to live, but his parents are refusing the life-saving treatment because such medical procedures violate their sincerely held religious beliefs as Jehovah’s Witnesses.A hospital in Brisbane is currently appealing to the Australian Supreme Court to allow the young boy a life-saving blood transfusion after his parents refused to consent due to their religious b … [Read more...]

Alaska Judge with ‘Medieval Christianity’ Accused of Misconduct

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A judge in Alaska who brags about his “medieval Christianity” is in hot water after making wildly inappropriate comments in the courtroom.Nome Superior Court Judge Timothy Dooley faces public sanctions including suspension or even dismissal after the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct issued a formal complaint against the politically incorrect judge.Judge Dooley is facing a host of allegations, in particular, the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct cites six incidents, brought to the … [Read more...]