Robert Dear Faces Death Penalty For Planned Parenthood Shooting

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The Christian terrorist accused of killing three people and wounding nine in a shooting rampage at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs made his first court appearance on Monday. Robert Lewis Dear, 57, is being held on suspicion of first-degree murder, a charge that could carry a minimum penalty of life in prison or [Read More...]

Evangelist Calls On Christians To Assassinate Abortion Providers

Joshua Feuerstein (Image via Facebook)

Popular Facebook evangelist Joshua Feuerstein calls on Christians to “punish Planned Parenthood” and make abortion providers fear for their life. The obnoxious but popular Christian evangelist Joshua Feuerstein published the following video to his Facebook page on July 29: Planned Parenthood has hunted down millions and millions of little innocent babies, stuck a knife into [Read More...]

Report: Planned Parenthood Shooter Is A Baptist Bible Thumper

Robert Lewis Dear (Image via Springs Police)

Christian terrorist: The Planned Parenthood shooter is a religious conservative who opposes abortion and believes in the Bible “wholeheartedly.” The New York Times reports Robert Lewis Dear, the Planned Parenthood shooter who shot and killed two civilians and a police officer and injured nine others at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs on Friday, [Read More...]

University Professor Arrested After Abusing Teen For Not Wearing Hijab

Youssif Z. Omar (Image via Columbia Police Dept.)

A University of Missouri professor has been arrested after allegedly abusing a 14-year-old female relative for not wearing a hijab. Columbia Daily Tribune reports Youssif Zaghwani Omar, an assistant professor at the University of Missouri, was arrested on suspicion of child abuse earlier this  week. Police reports indicate the 53-year-old Omar was arrested for felony [Read More...]

Huckabee Admits Planned Parenthood Shooting Was ‘Domestic Terrorism’

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GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee admits the Friday attack at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado was an act of “domestic terrorism.” Despite mainstream media reluctance to identify the shooting as domestic terrorism, the former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential contender declared on Sunday that the Colorado gunman who killed three people and injured nine [Read More...]

Planned Parenthood Shooter Told Cops: ‘No More Baby Parts’

Robert Lewis Dear (Image via Springs Police)

After killing three and injuring nine others the Planned Parenthood shooter told police: “No more baby parts.” Robert Lewis Dear is under arrest after being identified as the gunman who shot and killed two civilians and a police officer and injuring nine others at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs on Friday. NBC is [Read More...]

Christian Conservatives Celebrate Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting


Some anti-abortion Christian conservatives are celebrating the shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood that left three people dead and nine others injured. Calling the shooter, Robert Lewis Dear, a hero for attacking the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, some social conservatives came out on social media to declare their support for what appears [Read More...]

Bible Belt Leads The Nation In Black Friday Violence

Bible Belt USA (Image via Twitter)

Onward, Christian soldiers: Research shows the majority of states where shoppers are most likely to experience violence while shopping on Black Friday are located in the Bible Belt. According to research recently released by Estately management the top ten states where people are most likely to get into fights over discounted deals on Black Friday [Read More...]

Thanksgiving Reminders Of Native American Genocide Makes Some Americans Angry


The truth hurts: Remind some contemporary Americans about the genocide of Native Americans and they go crazy, lost in paroxysms of anger, denial, and butthurt. Thanksgiving posts on Facebook and other social media sites are making even so-called “progressive” Americans angry that their feasting festivities are being marred by reminders of the genocide and conquest [Read More...]

Pastor And 7 Others Indicted In Fatal Beating Of Teen Trying To Escape Church

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A pastor and seven other church members have been charged in the fatal beating of a teen who wanted to leave the church. Police report Lucas Leonard, 19, was severely beaten by members of the church last October, suffering injuries to the abdomen, genitals, back and thighs that ultimately proved to be fatal. Tuesday, Pastor [Read More...]