Christian love: Pat Robertson justifies genocide

Today televangelist Pat Robertson told his audience genocide is justified if it will prevent bestiality and other “sinful” behaviors.

On Monday’s 700 Club a viewer asked Robertson about Old Testament accounts of genocide “where God told his people to wipe out cities and take their lands.”

Right Wing Watch reports Robertson responded to the viewer’s question by pointing out that God was actually showing mercy on the annihilated peoples because otherwise they would pass their sinful ways onto their children and grandchildren.

Robertson: Assuming you have a culture that has 1,000 really bad people in it — they’re murderers, they’re thieves, they’re rapists, they’re having incest, you name it they are doing everything horrible — now if they have children, what’s going to happen? Instead of having 1,000, you’ll have 3,000 or 4,000; then — nothing has changed them — then they’ll pass it on to the next generation and the next thing you know you’ve got 10,000 or 20,000 of them and if it keeps on going you’re going to have a million of them. So what’s the most merciful thing for a loving God to do? It’s to take the thousand and get rid of them. And that’s what He did.

“It sounds cruel but in the long run it’s more merciful,” Robertson continued. “Further, He didn’t want his people to be contaminated by those people…. They had sex with animals, they had incest, they did all of these terrible things and they offered their children as sacrifices to their gods, it was horrible what they did.”

Thus, according to Robertson, genocide is perfectly acceptable, even desirable, and ultimately for the best, as long as God approves.

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  • Shaunak Basu

    Well, its hillarious – if not disgusting…

  • Akshat Saraf

  • Kenneth Browning

    I’m sure the clothing he’s wearing is against the Old Testament too, also don’t see a beard on his face, so should we chase hime down and stone him?

    • Dene Godfrey

      I’m up for that 🙂

  • Kelley Glenn

    Sacrificing your children to your god is abhorrent, unless it’s Abraham sacrificing his son, Isaac, of course. Because God.

    • Christian Rendel

      Well, in all fairness, you got that story backwards. The point here is precisely that Abraham, who came from a culture where child sacrifice was quite acceptable, even encouraged, is being prevented by God from sacrificing his son. God is starting a new culture there, and child sacrifice is one of the things Abraham must unlearn from his old culture, which is why he is being taught this lesson.

      • James

        Except that the ancient Sumerians and Akkadians did not practice human sacrifice. Try again.

        • Christian Rendel

          I can’t challenge that as I have no time to check any sources now. The obvious fact remains, though, that the point of this story is that Abraham does in fact NOT sacrifice Isaac.

          • Pamela Dzaet Hill Art

            But he was willing!!!!!

          • Pamela Dzaet Hill Art

            What made Isaac any better than the people Robertson was referring to? He was willing to sacrifice his own son… it disturbs me…

      • Pamela Dzaet Hill Art

        Thats not true, Christian… Abraham was told to sacrifice his son by an angel… yes, he was stopped at the last minute, but God wanted Abraham to prove his loyalty to him. What bible are you reading? The God of the Old Testament was anything but a loving forgiving God… he chose some of his children over others, whom he presumably loved also, and helped in their eradication. We must remember, that the Bible is a Jewish Book, written for and by the Jewish people, and perhaps they needed to be validated in their aggression of others. Although I was a Christian for 20 years, studied the bible daily, I never read the old Testament. And as far as Pat Robertson??? What about evangelizing people instead of killing them off? Why didnt God, in his infinite power, just send evangelists, with no regard to whether they were murdered or not. At least they were dying in the name of God… and could become Martyrs. I am now Buddhist. No, Buddha is not a God, merely a man, however, he showed more loving-kindness and acceptance of people regardless of their life style than this so called God of the Bible. He didnt murder, nor show any partiality for one group over another. He accepted all mankind, as they are, and did his best to help them. God judged… and then told US not to. Pshaw!

  • If Mr. Robertson wants to kill me for the sin of bestiality, I’ll arm myself. I am not going out quietly!

  • Oh!

    What a vile person. Sure, what would you expect from a pig but a grunt…..(“,)**

  • Christian Rendel

    I’m as ready to jump on Robertson’s antics as the next guy, but in this case, while what he’s actually saying is questionable enough for a number of reasons, I don’t think it’s quite fair to put it under a headline of “Robertson justfies genocide”, as if he were advocating anything of the sort today. He’s merely trying to make sense of a couple of biblical stories within the framework of his particular hermeneutical approach to the Bible. It’s easy to scoff at that from an atheist point of view, but the challenge lies in showing where his hermeneutics go wrong.

    • No, he actually says that killing thousands of people is justifiable. Talking in the context of Bible story or not, he is in favour of genocide.

    • James

      Uh, no. Genocide is wrong because it condemns entire groups of people to death not for what they’ve done but for who they are and it is pretty much the ultimate example of failing to practice reciprocal morality – that basic civilization-enabling evolved ethical behavior practiced, at times better than others, by all humans everywhere, since long before Judaism emerged from the minds of a certain middle eastern culture and pretended to copyright the idea. There’s no need to warp some ancient book into an apologetic here and no need to use the bible, which too often rationalizes violence, to argue against violence.

  • James

    I thought this pigeonhead believed in “moral absolutes”

  • BoomerMan

    It’s disg-arious. (disgusting and hilarious) at the same time

  • Jay Castro

    Who are you to say what is justifiable and what isnt? The reality is that the Bible is real and not an imagination based and not based on my opinions or yours. Who are you to say this is wrong for God to do this and that? You are a mere human which He created. Whether you accept it or not, He is God and you will face judgment. Almost every culture accepts the morals and way of life God has given us to live by. The cities God wiped from the earth “were” wicked sinful cities, if he didn’t do what is just and allowed sinners to sin in the “Old Testament” we “mere humans” would of been wiped out by our own deeds.” We” humans created weapons of mass destruction and will kill millions by them. If you don’t know spend time to get to know him, you won’t find God in religion but in relationship.

    • I’m thoroughly overjoyed that the whole world does not think like you.

      • Jay Castro

        I could say the same about you, but I was once in your shoes. I didn’t grown up in church or religion so nobody brainwashed me,, God is real. I didn’t believe in God and didn’t understand anything about the Bible and thought that God was a horrible “God” if he even existed. I had personal encounters with God that others atheist witnessed them with me and be ed afterward. It is easy to hate or fear what we don’t understand, I read the Bible for myself and know God is real and that the Bible is real too. Who am I to say how God does things and why? I’m the creation not the creator and if you truly truly seek Him you know that He is Love.

        • KeithCollyer

          there is no way that the god you claim to have personal experience and is love is the god who has a kill count of something like 40 million in the old testament. reading the bible (both testaments) was one of the things that persuaded me that the god of the bible could not be real

        • Oh so you weren’t brainwashed when you were growing up, but you got brainwashed when you were older so its okay. I’m the opposite, I was brainwashed catholic and went to an all boys opus dei rooted elementary school.

          Now I’ve “seen the light” so to speak, and know that any belief system that would enable the approval of genocide of my fellow man… is harmful/hateful/ignorant

          Which surprises me further that you embrace such a system as an adult, and look down on your younger self for not having that system.

          • Jay Castro

            GuY’s I didn’t believe in God before and I even hated him because I didn’t know how God old exist because of what I had been through and see, especially what I didn’t understand in the Bible. I didn’t believe in God, wouldn’t you guys agree that something this serious and big would be hard to explain or discuss in text? I am not brainwashed now nor was I brainwashed then, are the killings/deaths your talking about are the one in the Old Testament, am I right?

          • Yes, that is what this article is about.

            “Thus, according to Robertson, genocide is perfectly acceptable, even desirable, and ultimately for the best, as long as God approves.”

    • Stephen Price

      Jay, I appreciate your dedication to your beliefs and faith, but have you ever examined where the bible that most Christians use today has come from? The “old” testament is a bad translation of the Hebrew works of the Torah and Haftorah and books of the prophets into Greek called the Septuagint, created 300 years after the time of Jesus. The Gospels were written 30 to 40 years after the events they record and contradict each other at several points. Add to that that for hundreds of years families rich enough could have a copy made of these books without any clerical oversight and add or remove whatever they wished, or the officials of the church could do the same. Then King James puts his stamp on it in a political move to bring the bible to the masses, again without much clerical oversight. And lets’s not even get into the myriad of translations floating around today that are 2000 years removed form the source materials and do not have the context of what a contemporary reader of the original writings would have understood. It’s is that documents, or collection of documents that you base you relationship with your deity on. It is wise to take an unflinching look at it.

      • Jay Castro

        Stephen thank you so much for your question. And points. I have a passion for the original text and have a Hebrew and Greek Bible and compare it with my NIV Thompson chain reference Bible and yes I know about the time gap and I also now that there’s 4 point of views from 4 different disciples Matt, Mark, Luke and John. The we’re letters to the city or islands the apostles visited, the book of revelation if of two point of views, same things just describe different. The old Testament Torah (5 first books) was written by Moses Gen, Exd, Lev, Num, Deut, and then you have books written by the Prophets. I do agree that there are versions of the Bible that have been altered and have changed words that why I study both original languages Hebrew and Greek. I hate religion now like I hated it before, I used to hate God because I didn’t understand Him or the Bible. I never believed in a God, I didn’t run after him because I just though I’d try it out, I didn’t want what the religious people had I dint just decided out of the blue to follow Christ. I had witnesses that saw any of the things that were happening and one of my buddies that was an atheist believed after the event . Guys I show people Christ through unconditional love, regardless of their sin. The God I serve commands that we love everyone, I don’t force anyone to know Christ I just love them unconditionally. How this God that you guys talk about that hates so much teach me to live and never judge? Teaches me to even go as far as dying for those that I love? This first message I posted was a bit harsh and I apologize for displaying that , yo u see I could of added more to you disbelief by being a mere human and letting it get to me. I honestly respect your beliefs and opinions because I once thought like that.

    • sccmstl

      Another looney heard from…

    • Becky Moore Townes

      Prove the bible is real.

      • Jay Castro

        Hi Becky,
        I cannot prove the Bible is real, no person proved to me that the Bible is real. God himself proved to me that the Bible is real,v do any of you all serious want to know that God truly exist? Think about it if your totally wrong and you do see God on Judgement Day and then your judged by your sins. If you seriously want to know reply,”I really want to know” and God will reveal himself to you, and will have encounters with you that no scientists or atheist can argue with your experiences. Ladies and Gentlemen I tell you sincerely that the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob the same God who sent his only son to die for your sins is real. I understand how you feel because you don’t understand why some of the things happened and God will teach you himself and then you’ll understand. I came to know God before I even knew how sickening religion is and that because of religious people more people have left churches and walk away from God. I have witnesses that have seen with their own eyes and heard with their ears things that scientist and atheist can not explain, they themselves didn’t believe.

        • Becky Moore Townes

          I’m not an atheist but I am pagan. I will not have a judgement day but how can people that are Christians believe in a god that kill his own children. I don’t understand a god like this. Don’t contact me again.

    • Melyssa Kennedy

      Who are you to say what reality is when you can’t prove it? When you say almost every culture, it’s SO not true. Do you have any idea how many religions there are and how many are independent of Christianity? Whether you accept it or not, people don’t have to believe in your “god” to live a happy, healthy and respectable life. Also, I wasn’t created by a deity, I was created from a sperm fusing with an egg and then nourished in a placenta.

  • Simon Straub

    Doesn’t god love everyone? Aren’t all sins forgiven? Why would “God” command others to kill when he clearly made that one of the ten commandments. Religion is full of contradictions.Pat Robertson is an idiot and this world will be a better place when he’s gone. I find it unbelievable that people actually buy what he’s selling, which is bullshit.

  • saganhill

    Incest? The whole premise of the bible and the story of humanity is based on incest. That’s why there is no god nor the bible be used as a moral guide.

  • Rod Fleming

    Incest is a fundamental part of christian belief. Eve (according to the Bible) had no daughters…….

  • sccmstl

    Robertson is a looney. He has always been a looney. His beliefs are looney. All of them. Anyone who pays any attention to Robertson is a looney.

  • Eldergothfather

    Um, excuse me, didn’t god demand Abraham sacrifice his son to him to prove his obeyance and fear? So… Pat….wtf about that?!?!?!?!

  • Bishop Johnson

    proof that the bible causes mental illness

  • aimee

    Thank the goddess my religion does not fill people with fear and hate.