Duck Dynasty stumbles in ratings after endorsing Christian bigotry

Duck Dynasty takes a fall in the ratings after family patriarch Phil Robertson used his Christian faith to justify vile anti-gay bigotry, equating homosexuality to bestiality, and comparing LGBT people with drunkards, thieves, prostitutes, and adulterers.

A self described “Bible thumper,” Robertson was widely condemned after making inflammatory and insensitive remarks about gay people and African Americans in an interview published in January’s GQ Magazine.

PolitcusUSA reports that after Robertson’s racist and homophobic remarks appeared in the GQ interview, Duck Dynasty’s viewership dropped by nearly 50%:

When Duck Dynasty returned for their fourth season last year, their premiere episode was watched 11.77 million people. After Phil Robertson’s racist and homophobic remarks season five debuted to 8.5 million viewers. The second episode of the season dropped to 6.65 million viewers. The third episode stayed nearly even with episode two at 6.7 million viewers. By the fourth episode the show rebounded to 7.49 million viewers, but last night’s fifth episode dropped to new low of 6.51 million viewers.

For many, Robertson became a symbol of Christian hate and bigotry after he used his Christian faith to justify his anti-gay sentiment, equating homosexuality to bestiality, and comparing LGBT people with drunkards, thieves, prostitutes, and adulterers.

And while many, if not all viewers, found Robertson’s obnoxious Christian bigotry too much to stomach, Robertson still enjoys support from many conservative Christians, including Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and the Westboro Baptist Church.

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  • fizbanic

    Regardless of what you believe in, sometimes it is always good to just keep quiet.

    • Especially if you are a christian fundamentalist

      • Charles Wright

        Especially if you’re a fundamentalist of ANY stripe.

  • Jim MacDaniel

    I think the fundamental question that was lost during this whole affair is, what was Robertson doing in GQ in the first place?

  • blazequal

    Why in the f*ck is there a show about some family whose daddy made a whistle that makes ducks horny anyway? and are there really people out there who would take anything they say as advice? reality shows suck, all of them.

    • lmern

      THANK you.

  • Live by the bible. Die by the bible (as will your business).

  • Michal Zdunek

    America the stupid !

  • Dillon

    well at least they are all bunched up together so we can keep an eye on “stupid”….lol. They would never “grace” my tv set ever….none of them.

  • Jacobi Coriolanus

    Maybe people are just tired of their overexposure now that everyone knows the novelty of watching complete idiots has worn off. We all know it was always about chasing the almighty dollar anyway.