Gun-toting four-year-old child soldier in Syria vows to slaughter the infidels

A disturbing video out of Syria features a four-year-old “Mujahid” child soldier shooting an AK-47, shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”)  and vowing to slaughter the infidels.

In the video, released late last month, the preschool age boy demonstrates his ability to hold and shoot an assault rifle, before warning “infidels” they are ‘going to be “slaughtered,” while pledging his allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), also known as al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria.

However, recently the central leadership of al-Qaeda sharply renounced ties with the extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. ISIS’s savagery and draconian interpretations of Islamic law has alienated many Syrians and drove a wedge between rebel groups.

When the young boy is asked what he would like to say to the infidels, he says: “Oh infidels, we will slaughter you.”

Reports indicate the boy is from Uzbekistan, and is one of many foreign Islamic extremists waging Jihad in Syria.

The shocking footage is a potent reminder of the bloody sectarian conflict that continues to devastate the country of Syria, and the role religious indoctrination plays in the ongoing tragedy.

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  • ribaric

    The boy is not an islamic extremist. He’s four.

    • Rick T

      I looked over the article for the part in which Mr. Stone calls the boy an Islamic extremist but I can’t seem to find it. You’re right, though. A child — toddler, really — just wants to make the adults that care for him/her happy and will say anything that gets praise and positive reinforcement. This is an indictment of the religious indoctrination of children. And anyone here in the West who is shocked by this video, yet believes that church and state should be integrated needs to take the blinders off.

      • ribaric

        “Reports indicate the boy is from Uzbekistan, and is one of many foreign Islamic extremists waging Jihad in Syria.”

        We are of one view on this Mr.101.

        • Rick T

          Thanks, dunno why my eye overlooked that.

  • Just more religious indoctrination of youth! Would it be too much to ask to let the boy grow up and think for himself instead of brainwashing him?

  • JudgeX X

    It’s child abuse no matter which ancient text you force upon those incapable of the kind of reasoning skills necessary to reject it.

  • Keyrlis

    Ah fuck it. Just kill all the fundamentalists, be they Muslim, Christian, Spagheti-Monsterism, or any other form of willful ignorance.. If you think your god will love you more for murdering someone else, then you should go be with him immediately. Sorry about the kid, but it is obviously too late to expect him to learn to think for himself surrounded by a sea of blood-seeking zealots.

  • Ekanem Eno

    …and he was the one interviewed. Now imagine the number of other warrior toddlers that the media hasn’t seen