Ugandan Minister for Ethics & Integrity says men raping girls is natural

The Right Reverend Father Simon Lokodo, the current State Minister for Ethics & Integrity in Uganda, claims men raping girls is natural, and seems to imply heterosexual rape is morally preferable to consensual homosexual activity.

Father Lokodo claims to have several degrees in theology, and apparently considers himself to be a good Christian man defending his country from the imaginary scourge of homosexuality.

Lokodo made his abhorrent remarks while speaking to English comedian, actor, writer, presenter, and activist, Stephen Fry. The following is an excerpt from Fry recounting his conversation with Lokodo:


I actually got a Ugandan Minister to say on camera- he’s the Minister for Ethics and Integrity, it’s the only such ministry in the world. I said to him… there’s so much more to worry about in your country than the odd gay person going to bed with the other gay person. For example, you have almost an epidemic of child rape in this country, which is just frightening.

And he said “Ah, but it is the right kind of child rape.”

I said “That was on camera. Do you know that was on camera?”

He said “Yes.”

I said “Can you just explain what you meant?”

“Well, it is men raping girls. Which is natural.”

Lokodo recently spoke to CNN about a draconian anti-gay bill passed by the Ugandan parliament in December that would punish gay and lesbian people with lengthy prison sentences – including, in some cases, life behind bars.

Lokodo said Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has signed the harsh anti-gay bill into law, but has not yet handed it over to parliament.

Earlier this week President Obama issued a statement saying that he is “deeply disappointed” by the decision, and noting that “enacting this legislation will complicate our valued relationship with Uganda.”

The irrational homophobia of Lokodo and other Ugandans can be directly traced back to the influence of Christian missionaries infecting generations of Ugandans with the  most obnoxious and despicable religious bigotry, hatred and misinformation.

To think that an otherwise rational human being would imply that heterosexual rape is morally superior to consensual gay sex demonstrates the toxic nature of religious fundamentalism, and the subtle yet profound moral and intellectual evil perpetrated by generations of Christian missionaries in Africa, and elsewhere.

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  • | Smooth Sailing |

    This doesn’t even seem real, thats how fucked it is

    • Timothy Burke Lines

      the largest jim crow network of churches,the assemblies of god,based in a bible belt state.

  • calesuar

    Christian Morality swings wildly from Old Testament to the New like a ping pong ball, and it heavily depends on which country they happen to reside, or are allowed to do so. It’s despicable. Its source, is simply the way in which these folks form their beliefs, FAITH, a flawed, immoral and irresponsible epistemology.

  • Timothy Burke Lines

    from the english print some 400 yrs.ago,the most evil book on earth.see on u tube,the orgines of war in child abuse.and,republican theocracy.

  • Timothy Burke Lines

    we live in the land of confusion

  • roooth

    It isn’t just the missionaries – American right wing politicians have been going to Africa and proselytizing their anti-gay bigotry as religion. We “helped” write some of the anti-gay laws there, as well as in Kenya, too. Kenya has burned some suspected gay people alive – this is what letting right wingers have control leads to, they have to force their way on everyone, no matter what.

    • Bruce Douglas

      You just can’t let them take responsibility for their own decisions eh? Never mind that this is a country filled with adults who are just as capable of free will as any other. This is the fault of Republican mind control somehow.

      • GA Hopper III

        No, roooth raises a real point here. There are American fundamentalist groups that have been helping other countries with their horrible anti-gay legislation, including Russia. It’s not about some fanciful notion of Republican mind-control. This doesn’t absolve those legislators of responsibility, but I think Americans should know what kind of ideas these groups are trying to promote and pass into law abroad, especially since this kind of discriminatory and barbaric policy couldn’t pass in the US.

        Just do a search on American groups promoting anti-gay legislation and you will see what I’m talking about.

    • Eo Patel


  • Anne Wilson

    Just a few centuries ago Christian theologians thought that rape was preferable to masturbation. Some men think that their sperm is very sacred and that women are quite literally secondary to men. The co-mingling of sex, sexuality and religion has an endless potential for abuse.

  • Ryan England

    Bloody barbarians.

  • Suren