KKK Imperial Wizard denies hate group label: ‘We’re a Christian organization’

Arguing that the KKK is a non-violent Christian organization, the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan says “We don’t hate people because of their race. I mean, we’re a Christian organization.”

Frank Ancona, leader of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, said he is tired of “a few rogue Klansmen” ruining the group’s reputation:

“Because of the acts of a few rogue Klansmen, all Klansmen are supposed to be murderers, and wanting to lynch black people, and we’re supposed to be terrorists. That’s a complete falsehood.”

Raw Story reports Ancona’s KKK group has been tossing racist fliers onto residents lawns in Chesterfield County, Virginia, in the middle of the night. The fliers include a phone number, an email address and information about two websites that claim the KKK is a non-violent group that is not the “enem[y] of the colored and mongrel races.”

Earlier this month, Ancona told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that “[t]he thing that really gets me is that [people are] saying we’re teaching our children to hate people just because of their race, creed and color, and that’s a complete lie and falsehood.”

“In the last six years that I’ve been president of this organization I’ve seen the numbers probably triple,” Ancona told NBC 12.

“We want to stay white,” Ancona said. “It’s not a hateful thing to want to maintain white supremacy.”

Who would of thought, the KKK, innocent victims of bad publicity.

The KKK – a “Christian organization”
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