Mark Driscoll buys spot on NYT bestseller list with Mars Hill Church money

Sleazy: Pastor Mark Driscoll is under fire after reports surfaced indicating his Seattle-based Mars Hill Church financed a campaign to artificially push his book on to the New York Times bestseller list.

Driscoll, a controversial and often toxic figure, is facing new criticism over the claim that his church paid at least $210,000 to hire a marketing firm to help get his book, “Real Marriage,” on the New York Times best-seller.

Slog reports this is a fairly common scam; political memoirs wind up on the NYT Bestseller lists all the time thanks in part to organizations that buy the books in bulk, just so the politician can claim to be a New York Times bestselling author.

Yet even the Christian friendly, conservative website The Blaze, calls Driscoll’s scam “distasteful, if not immoral.”

Driscoll is no stranger to controversy and scandal. The polarizing pastor is a confirmed and notorious serial plagiarist. Aside from dishonest and sleazy practices as an author, Driscoll has also made remarks that have managed to offend almost any reasonable person, prompting some to ask “Is Mark Driscoll this generation’s Pat Robertson?

For those interested, Sara Cunningham, a Christian blogger at Huffington Post, offers a thoughtful meditation on Driscoll’s many failings.

Also, for a very thorough account of Driscoll’s publishing shenanigans, one should check out the numerous relevant posts on William Throckmorton’s blog here at Patheos.

“Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together” was only on the NYT bestseller list for one week. One wonders if the so-called good Christians at Mars Hill Church really believe that stroking their pastor’s over inflated ego to the tune of close to a quarter of a million dollars is the best use of church funds. That kind of money could feed a lot of hungry kids. Here, one might ask: what would Jesus do?

Mark Driscoll
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