Funny or Die delivers Bible based ‘Creationist Cosmos’ for creationists

Spoiler alert: God did it. Funny or Die gives creationists the answer to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s successful revival of Cosmos: the hilarious “Creationist Cosmos.”

Creationists have been unhappy about Neil deGrasse Tyson’s successful revival of Cosmos, claiming the show lacks scientific balance because it fails to provide airtime for their discredited, alternative theory to evolution. Funny or Die remedies that situation by giving the discredited, alternative theory to evolution the airtime it deserves.

In “Creationist Cosmos,” Jared from the Baptist Church of Alabama explains to viewers that God created the stars, the moon, ants, dogs, trees, cars, sandwiches — in short, everything — except for gay people, “they chose that for themselves.”

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