Westboro Baptist Church chased out of Oklahoma town

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church cut short their protest in an Oklahoma town after counter-protesters crossed the picket line to confront church members.

Police were forced to intervene and separate the counter-protesters from the Christian hate group. There were no arrests and no injuries reported.

Though WBC reportedly had a permit to picket for half an hour beginning at 2:00 p.m., they stayed for a mere eight minutes before hastily getting into their cars and driving away when Moore residents began to cross the picket lines.

Approximately 2,000 rowdy residents of Moore, Okla. were on hand to meet the anti-gay Christian hate group notorious for their “God hates fags” signs.

Residents of Moore suffered a horrific tornado last year, and the virulent church group was apparently in town to affirm its belief that the deadly storm was evidence of God’s wrath.

The controversial group filed for a permit a week earlier, asking the city for permission to picket near the campus of Central Junior High, the school where Plaza Towers Elementary students are attending until a new school can be built following the devastating May 20 tornado.

The school has been housing Plaza Towers Elementary students since the natural disaster. On their website, WBC explained that they believe the tornado was an example of “God’s wrath.”

WBC Protest in Oklahoma Cut Short
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