‘Family values’ Texas talker hates the gays but loves the strippers

Christian hypocrisy: Amy Kushnir, the anti-gay Dallas TV host thrust into the national spotlight after freaking out over Michael Sam’s celebratory kiss, is caught on camera enjoying male strippers.

Kushnir, the ‘family values’ champion who won the hearts and minds of anti-gay Christians after freaking out over gay football player Michael Sam sharing a celebratory on air kiss with his boyfriend, apparently has no problem getting frisky with male strippers while on air.

Last week Kushnir received national media attention after arguing ESPN’s airing of Michael Sam’s celebratory kiss was unsuitable viewing for children and families. Before storming out of the studio in protest the KTXD-TV host said:

“Parents do not have a choice about whether or not they want their children to see this, it is wrong!”

However, Kushnir apparently had a slightly different take about TV sexuality when members of the Chippendales male stripper troupe dropped by the studio. A few months ago Kushnir did an entire segment with Chippendale dancers, including airing a video from the Chippendales erotic stage show. In the video male strippers are seen kissing and rubbing up against paying female customers.

In Kushnir’s twisted world view, two people expressing genuine love and commitment for one another with a sincere kiss is unacceptable for family viewing, but the commodification and objectification of human sexuality via staged erotic dance is just good clean family fun.

Like most people who hide behind religion and family values to bash gays, Kushnir is a hypocrite of the worst kind.

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