Islamic extremists threaten to sell girls into forced marriage and sexual slavery

Islamic extremists in Nigeria are threatening to sell over 200 kidnapped school girls, some as young as nine-years-old, into forced marriage and sexual slavery.

The girls were abducted from their boarding school in northeastern Nigeria last month by the Boko Haram terrorist network, a radical Islamic group that has been waging a campaign of terror against Nigeria’s weak central government, demanding that strict Shariah law be adopted across the multiethnic nation of more than 160 million people.

Boko Haram has previously attacked schools in the northeast part of Nigeria as part of their anti-government rebellion. According to media reports, the Islamic extremists have been abducting teen girls to use as cooks and sex slaves.

Reports emerged last week that some of the kidnapped girls have been forced to marry their abductors — who paid a nominal bride price of $12 — and that others have been carried into neighboring Cameroon and Chad.

Founded by Mohammed Yusuf in 2001, Boko Haram is an Islamic movement which strongly opposes any western education. The name, “Boko Haram,”  means “Western education is sinful” in the Hausa language of Nigeria’s north. The Islamic extremist group has been waging a terrorist campaign against Nigeria’s weak central government, and demanding strict Shariah law be adopted across the multiethnic nation of more than 160 million people.

Previously, in a video clip released by the group on March 23, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau threatened to launch raids and abduct girls from schools. In a video clip released Monday, Shekau claimed responsibility for the April 15 kidnappings of the more than 200 school girls.

In the video Shekau accepted responsibility for the kidnapping, saying “I abducted your girls,” and went on to describe the girls as “slaves” claiming “By Allah, I will sell them in the marketplace.”

“I said Western education should end,” he added. “Girls, you should go and get married.”

A BBC translation of the video has the terrorist leader saying “the girls should not have been in school in the first place, but rather should get married,” and directly quotes him as saying “God instructed me to sell them, they are his properties and I will carry out his instructions.”

In the video, Shekau also says the students “will remain slaves with us.” Reports indicate this is a reference to the ancient jihadi custom of enslaving women captured in a holy war, who then can be used as sex slaves.

The hour-long video starts with fighters lofting automatic rifles and shooting in the air as they chant “Allah akbar!” or “God is great.”

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau is seen dressed in combat fatigues standing in front of an armored personnel carrier in screen grab from latest video.


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