Toni Braxton: Autistic son is punishment from God for abortion

In her new autobiography, Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir, R&B star Toni Braxton says God punished her for having an abortion by giving her an autistic son.

In her recently released memoir, Braxton writes:

“I was suddenly faced with a choice I’d never thought I’d have to make. Amid my major misgivings about abortion, I eventually made the gut-wrenching decision… In my heart, I believed I had taken a life — an action that I thought God might one day punish me for. … My initial rage was quickly followed by another strong emotion: guilt. I knew I’d taken a life… I believed God’s payback was to give my son autism.”

Braxton reports she terminated her pregnancy because she had been taking the acne medication Accutane at the time, and feared the drug, which can cause serious side effects for fetuses, would result in problems for her unborn baby, so she decided to have an abortion.

However, Braxton was wracked with guilt years later when her son Diezel was diagnosed with autism. She was convinced his condition was God’s way of punishing her for having an abortion years before.

Braxton grew up in Maryland, and was raised in a large, hyper religious family that belonged to a rigid Apostolic Pentecostal congregation called the Pillar of Truth. Braxton reports that as a young child she pretended to speak in tongues in order to “survive” the cult like environment of the church.

Toni Braxton
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