Brave Texas teen forces public high school to stop promoting Christianity

A brave young atheist in Texas is being celebrated by secular Americans after reporting a series of constitutional violations at his public high school, forcing the school to end their blatant promotion of Christianity.

Recently Birdville High School graduate Isaiah Smith reported his school for openly promoting Christianity, detailing a series of Establishment Clause violations to the American Humanist Association. Violations Smith uncovered and documented include school sponsored religious Baccalaureate ceremonies, school sponsored religious assemblies during school hours, overnight retreats held at a local church, and Christian iconography (symbols) in classrooms.

Working with the American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center, Smith was successful in forcing Birdville High School and the Birdville Independent School District in Haltom City, Texas, to correct the multiple violations of the Establishment Clause to the First Amendment, and respect the separation of church and state the U.S. Constitution demands.

Smith, a self-described “human rights activist,” has paid a steep price for his commitment to social justice. After coming out as gay and standing up to anti-gay bullies at his high school, Smith was kicked out of his house because of his sexual orientation, forcing him to work full-time while he attends community college this fall.

Smith is a hero for standing up and speaking out against the promotion of religion at his public high school. Clearly, it is not easy to stand up for what is right against a Christian majority that is often hostile and vindictive. To stand up and speak out in such an environment shows courage.

Concerned readers can support Isaiah Smith at his GoFundMe page.

Isaiah Smith
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