Christian extremists flee ‘godless’ America for anti-gay Russia

Christian extremists are fleeing ‘godless’ America and moving to Russia to escape the secular West and laws granting marriage equality to gay and lesbian citizens.

A post in the popular conservative website World Net Daily reports that Christian Americans are leaving the country for Russia because of secular laws and policies that grant equality to members of the LGBT community. In addition, Christian extremists like the fact that Russian policies ensure that “prayer and Bible instruction are welcomed in the classrooms.”

Right Wing Watch reports that the post’s author, William Murray, the Religious Right activist and son of American Atheists founder Madalyn Murray O’Hair, is joining in the chorus of sympathy for Vladimir Putin, hailing the Russian leader “as a bulwark against the increasingly Marxist and secular West.”

In a post highly critical of President Barack Obama, his famous mother, and the secular values upon which this nation was founded, Murray writes:

“Westerners are seeking Russian citizenship, but not to support Marxism. This time Westerners are fleeing the godless collectivism sought by my mother, the system that is fast becoming the new American norm.”

Murray provides no data indicating the number of Christian extremists leaving America and moving to Russia. However, if significant numbers of Christian extremists are leaving the country, this is good news for secular America. Religious extremists of any kind are dangerous.

Christian extremists in the West are making a fetish out of their worship for Vladimir Putin, a thug and a dictator who is currently dragging the Russian people back to the Middle Ages. Americans on the far right salivate with envy as Putin drives Russia down the path to a medieval theocracy. In so doing they desecrate the religious liberty our founding fathers fought and died for.

Vladimir Putin – Soldier of Christ
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