Christianity Today promotes rape culture: Youth pastor calls rape ‘extramarital affair’

#TakeDownThatPostChristianity Today is under fire after giving a former youth group minister and convicted rapist a forum to publish a self-serving and disturbing first-person account of the rape of a minor.

Earlier this month, Christianity Today’s imprint publication, Leadership Journal, ran a post written by a convicted child sex offender and former youth pastor narrating his internal thought process as he went from youth pastor to child molester and convicted felon.

The account, written by an anonymous former youth pastor currently serving a prison term after pleading guilty to two felony charges, does not use the word “rape” once in the piece.

Nor does he mention the words “crime,” “law,” “statutory,” or “illegal.”

Instead, the author/rapist throws a pity party for himself. The title says it all “My Easy Trip from Youth Minister to Felon: The spiral into sin that destroyed my life and ministry.” The post is all about the rapist’s/youth minister’s pain and suffering, with no regard to the pain and suffering of his victim.

Reading the post, you would think the author had an “extramarital affair” with a consenting adult; in fact, that is how he characterizes his crime. Yet what the author refers to as an “extramarital affair,” was in fact the rape of a minor.

In his post, the convicted rapist and child molester explains how he selected and groomed his victim from the youth group where he pastored, while all the while implying it was his wife who drove him to his “extramarital affair,” i.e. the rape of a minor.

In response, hundreds of Twitter users have urged Leadership Journal, which is published by Christianity Today, to #TakeDownThatPost.

Many are angry that Christianity Today gave a forum to a convicted rapist to try to defend and justify the sexual abuse of a minor.

Blogger Susannah Paul, at The Smitten Word, writes:

Leadership Journal allows a convicted child abuser a platform to manipulatively frame this as a story of personal selfishness and infidelity without one word about molestation, statutory rape, sexual grooming, or the abuse of power and children entrusted to the care of adults at a church…

This is not leadership. This is rape culture, abuse apology, and re-victimization…

“If kids got molested at Denny’s as often as they do at church… it would be a crime to take your kid to Denny’s.” – Dan Savage


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