Idaho museum promotes creationism, disputes evolution

A new museum in Idaho is promoting the pseudo-science of creationism, disputing evolution, and teaching children Noah brought baby dinosaurs aboard the ark.

The Northwest Science Museum opened last week in Boise, Idaho. According to the Idaho Statesman, the new museum offers a Biblical explanation of Earth’s origins and disputes other explanations, such as evolution.

The central premise of the museum is to counter “mainstream science” with exhibits about life on Earth as created by God in six days, about 6,000 years ago — not over a span of millions of years.

The museum’s goal: portray a biblical understanding of creation, and dispute the widely accepted theory of evolution.

Museum organizers claim they are dismayed by science education and have opened the Northwest Science Museum to offer a Biblical explanation of Earth’s origins and disputing other explanations, such as evolution.

Doug Bennett, the museum’s executive director, said “We want to show a lot of science that’s being censored and not presented to the public.”

Bennett said the organization backing the museum is “just a group of us that have kind of the same idea of promoting true science,” adding that the museum is not affiliated with any church or religious group.

Creationism is not science; and the Northwest Science Museum is not really a museum, but a front for discredited religious propaganda.

It is disappointing to see Christian extremists continue to confuse their religious superstitions with scientific truth. Even more disappointing, and dangerous, is that these misguided and ignorant creationists try to brainwash children with their toxic brew of anti-intellectual, anti-science, Biblically based, non-sense.

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