Missouri church targets ammosexuals with assault rifle giveaway

Ammosexuals for Jesus? Clinging to their guns and religion, a church in Joplin, Missouri, held a raffle giving away two Black Rain AR-15 assault rifles in order to increase attendance and “get more people to follow Jesus.”

The church is facing criticism for raffling off two AR-15s as part of a marketing strategy to bring more young men into the fold, according to the Joplin Globe.

The Globe reports on Father’s Day, June 15, Ignite Church gave area fathers an opportunity to put their names in a hat to win one of two AR-15 rifles. Each father entering in the free raffle could submit a ticket for himself and was able to obtain tickets for each of his children who went to church with him. He also could get another ticket for bringing his own dad.

Heath Mooneyham, Ignite’s lead pastor, said:

“If we get people in the door, we get to preach the gospel. If we can get more people to follow Jesus, I’ll give away 1,000 guns. I don’t care.”

Think Progress reports the contest sparked controversy, as some residents accused the church of promoting violence. “God Does NOT Condone GUNS, VIOLENCE or WAR!” one Facebook commenter said.

Steve Urie, pastor at the Joplin Diversity Fellowship, said:

“I think giving away weapons, with all the violence in this country, gives way to new violence. I don’t think it’s just nontraditional. I think it’s careless and reckless.”

Careless, reckless, and juvenile; this is far from any reasonable interpretation of Christ’s teachings. What’s next – hookers and booze? How far will this pastor go to promote his church? And if you are some ammosexual chasing a gun, are you really following Jesus?

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