Popular Christian radio host arrested on child sex charges

Paying for sexual encounters with children: Popular Christian radio host John Balyo was arrested late last week on charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Balyo “allegedly paid to arrange sexual encounters with minor victims,” investigators said in court records.

Balyo, morning host and on-air personality at a popular Michigan contemporary Christian radio station WCSG was arrested Friday morning on charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. Authorities say Balyo allegedly paid another person, who is a defendant in another child exploitation case, to arrange for sexual encounters with minor victims.

Balyo, 35, of Caledonia, was arrested at the Big Ticket Festival, one of the nation’s largest Christian music events.

According to Battle Creek police Sgt. Jim Marten, Balyo’s name was given to investigators by Ronald Moser of Battle Creek, who runs a website offering paying customers sex with underage boys. Earlier this month, police raided Moser’s home, where they discovered him with a 12-year-old boy and a stash of child pornography.

USA Today reports:

WCSG’s general manager, Chris Lemke, issued a statement saying Balyo was “put on indefinite paid administrative leave pending further investigation and the legal process.” Lemke also said they were “shocked and deeply saddened to learn” of Balyo’s arrest.

On Saturday, Cornerstone University released a statement saying: “Effective today, John Balyo is no longer affiliated with WCSG Radio.” WCSG, Grand Rapids’ Family Christian Radio station, is affiliated with Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids

On air Monday, WCSG general manager Chris Lemke said many are in shock by the allegations:

“We can’t make sense of this. … Did you ever have any doubt Satan was loose?”

Ah, yes, in the end, the good Christian will always blame Satan: “the devil made him do it.”

Where is personal responsibility in such a world view?

John Balyo
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