Racists raise giant Confederate flag in Virginia

Taking delight in antagonizing the decent citizens of Virginia, a white supremacist group raised a huge Confederate flag next to a busy Interstate highway near Fredericksburg, some 60 miles north of the state’s capital of Richmond.

On Saturday, the white supremacists held a private ceremony to raise the 20- by 30-foot (6- by 9-meter) battle flag. The flag is on private property.

This is the second time the white supremacist group known as the Virginia Flaggers have hoisted a giant Confederate flag next to a busy Interstate highway to draw attention to their racist cause.

The group raised its first flag last year along the highway, immediately drawing complaints that the controversial flag promoted racism and slavery, leading 24,000 people to sign an online petition against its display.

Barry Isenhour, a spokesman for the Flaggers, claims displaying the giant flag, which towers above the trees that line the highway, is an effort to set the record straight and say ‘no, our Confederate ancestors were honorable Americans who fought to preserve the constitution.'”

Jennifer McClellan, co-chair of the state’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Commission, said the group is certainly within its rights to fly the Confederate flag, but added that to many, it symbolizes oppression of African-Americans throughout the nation’s history.

“For a lot of Virginians and a lot of Americans, it has a negative connotation,” said McClellan, who is also a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. “It has been used by hate groups to promote their beliefs in white supremacy.”

The Confederate Flag is a symbol of slavery; of hatred, bigotry, racism, and oppression. The flag represents a shameful act of treason, an indelible moral stain on the fabric of a nation. To celebrate such an obnoxious and odious symbol, is to celebrate treachery, dishonor, and human degradation.

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