Republican candidate says gays should be stoned to death

WTF? Using the Bible as a justification, a Republican candidate for Oklahoma’s state house of representatives advocates stoning gay people to death.

Think Progress reports Oklahoma state house candidate Scott Esk wrote on Facebook last summer that gay people are “worthy of death” and should be stoned, later claiming that violence against gays is “in the old testament under a law that came directly from God.”

Raw Story reports Esk responded to a post on Pope Francis saying “who am I to judge?” on homosexuality by posting numerous Old Testament quotations prescribing capital punishment for LGBT people.

When a commenter asked Esk,

“So just to be clear, you think we should execute homosexuals (presumably by stoning)?”

Esk said:

“I think we would be totally in the right to do it. That goes against some parts of libertarianism, I realize, and I’m largely libertarian, but ignoring as a nation things that are worthy of death is very remiss.”

The Moore Daily called Esk yesterday for clarification on his harsh, antgi-gay position. Although Esk claimed he didn’t remember the Facebbok comments, he did say:

“That was done (stoning gays) in the Old Testament under a law that came directly from God and in that time there it was totally just. It came directly from God.”

Pressed one final time about his position on stoning gay human beings to death, Esk dug in his heels:

“I know what was done in the Old Testament and what was done back then was what’s just. … And I do stand for Biblical morality.”

Esk, a Tea Party Republican and Ron Paul groupie, describes himself as “100% pro-life” and “100% Traditional Family Values” on his campaign website, and claims he wants to apply “Biblical principles to Oklahoma law.”

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