‘The Passion of Kim Kardashian’ drives Christians crazy

Christians are angry with a Brooklyn artist’s depiction of Kim Kardashian as Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

Christian leaders are calling the exhibit at a Brooklyn art gallery portraying Kim Kardashian as Jesus and the Virgin Mary offensive, sacrilegious, and disrespectful.

The exhibit, entitled “The Passion of Kim Kardashian,” opened in Brooklyn last week to mixed reviews. The one-night show of photoshopped Kardashian images by Brooklyn artist Hannah Kunkle also included images of Kardashian as a Satanic priestess, a trio of nuns, Joan of Arc, and a Hindu goddess.

“It’s deplorable,” Pastor Reggie Stutzman, of Real Life Church in the Bronx, told the Daily News. “It’s sacrilegious, irrelevant, and disrespectful. . . It’s idol worship.”

“Leave Kim and Jesus separate,” he added.

Dr. Uma Mysorekar, of the Hindu Temple Society of North America, told the Daily News the images are distasteful. “They are images for worship, not for display or to be used to just bring one’s fame up.”

Artist Hannah Kunkle, 23, said she thought the religious leaders’ outrage was “pretty hilarious.”

“I’m sorry if that offends them, but that’s really not my purpose,” she said.

“It’s art. It’s supposed to be wild and, not offensive, but prying.”

She said she’s not religious herself, but, “Religious idols are so beautiful to me, so I wanted to make my own that apply to me. Those images are so powerful – it gives power to the idea of worshiping her.”

“I’ve never got haters before,” the Pratt Institute grad said. “I love it.”

It should come as no surprise Kunkle’s display depicting Kardashian as Jesus left some religious leaders offended and upset. And while there may be good reasons to find Kim Kardashian offensive, Kunkle’s depiction of the “famous for being famous” reality star as Jesus is not one of them.

Images via Hannah Kunkle Design

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