‘Burn White Jesus’ challenge sweeps social media

#BurnWhiteJesus: A challenge to “Burn White Jesus” is firing up on social media. Videos of individuals, primarily African Americans, burning popular images of a white Jesus Christ are being uploaded and shared across social media platforms.

The challenge to burn white Jesus, also known as “The White Jesus Picture Challenge,” seems to be a recognition that the common portrayal of Christ as a man of white european heritage is false, and that the image of a white Jesus has been used to advance white supremacy around the world.

While some scholars doubt the historical reality of Jesus Christ, almost all scholars agree that if Christ did exist, he was definitely not a whiter man.

As for African Americans, they have good reason to reject any symbol of Christianity for the simple fact that Christianity was used to justify the subjugation, slavery and abuse of Africans and other non-whites for centuries.

Indeed, it is a curious puzzle of history that so many African Americans have so willingly embraced the faith of the white slave master. Even to this day, white supremacists like the KKK and the Christian Identity movement continue to use Christianity to justify their racial hatred.

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The following videos are a sample of individuals participating in the Burn White Jesus challenge.

http://youtu.be/YK44DwxWCaM http://youtu.be/tCEpGMkJ4fQ

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