Wisconsin Public High School Promotes Christian Purity Culture at Prom

Public school patriarchy: Disturbing flyers distributed by a public high school in Wisconsin are asking boys “to protect her character” on prom night.

The flyers, distributed by Lincoln High School, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, are sponsored by a Christian anti-abortion clinic (The Crossing of Manitowoc County)and a Catholic health-care provider (Holy Family Memorial).

The flyers promote Christian purity culture, a sinister movement to enforce and maintain outdated and repudiated stereotypes concerning gender roles by promoting the despicable belief that a young woman’s worth is determined by the status of her hymen.

The flyers are signed by Lincoln High School Principal Luke Valitchka, making it clear that the sexist and offensive message is approved of by the school administration. As Friendly Atheist points out:

Public schools are simply not allowed to post church-sponsored material on the walls. While student groups could advertise a Bible Club meeting, outside churches can’t push their beliefs on the students.

The message of the flyer is obnoxious and demeaning, exhibiting the typical, sexist, double standard, common to most, if not all, religious conservatives. It is clear that in the context of the flyer, the word “character” is a not-so-secret code word for “virginity.”

Also note that a boy’s “character/virginity,” is not of any concern. There is no equality, no parity, just over-the-top and ignorant sexism.

The flyers promote and reinforce the idea that men are in control over women, that women are fragile objects that need to be “protected,” and that women are incapable of protecting themselves.

The message gives all the power to men, and implies that virginity is somehow connected to character, but only female character.

The flyers are a profoundly sexist and misogynistic expression of contemporary conservative Christian culture in America, and have no place in a public high school.

The flyers degrade young women, and promote the antiquated and morally repugnant notion that girls are less than boys, and that a young woman’s worth is determined by the status of her hymen.

(H/T Friendly Atheist)

(Image via Friendly Atheist)


(image via Friendly Atheist)


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