Angry Trump Supporter Screams: ‘Sluts’ Who Have Abortions Should Be Put To Death

Declaring that “sluts” who have abortions should be put to death, Christian extremist and Donald Trump supporter Theodore Shoebat praises Donald Trump’s recent call to punish women who have abortions.

In a video released Wednesday night the conservative Christian darling went off on a rant, screaming at the anti-choice groups who criticized Trump’s call for punishing women who have an abortion.

In the video Shoebat screams:

You pro-life bastards! You are useless scum. Bastards. Pigs. Swine. Lower than the devils that you claim to be fighting against because you do not follow the law of God.

Shoebat continues:

They had a choice to keep their legs closed. They could have controlled themselves, and they got the abortions and they murdered their own children. Let me tell you something, I believe in the death penalty for these women and I believe that God himself agrees with me.

Right Wing Watch reports that Shoebat was recently featured in Janet Porter’s conservative Christian anti-gay documentary “Light Wins” along with several Republican presidential candidates, members of Congress and leading anti-gay activists.

In that mainstream conservative Christian documentary promoting the anti-gay, anti-choice, pro-fetus position, Shoebat cites Leviticus as he declares that “all these sluts who kill their own children” should be put to death.

Watch the video below, and feel that Christian love –

Theodore Shoebat (Image via Screen Grab)
Theodore Shoebat (Image via Screen Grab)
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