Watch: Harlem Hate Pastor Declares ‘I’m The Sodomite Slayer!’

Harlem hate Pastor James David Manning promises that God will make flames shoot out of gay men’s buttholes while declaring that he is the “sodomite slayer.”

In addition, the preacher of hate also claims that God has personally told him that all gay men will get anal cancer beginning immediately.

Manning, of New York’s soon-to-be-defunct ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church, released a fiery online sermon earlier this week. The crazy Christian extremist with a raging homophobia too hot to handle went off on a wild rant, at one point declaring:

The next time you get poked in the butt, a flame, when that man pulls that penis out of you, a flame will shoot out of you! I got the word in my mouth! You think AIDS was bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Thus sayeth the lord! I’m the lord’s servant! I’m the sodomite slayer! You gonna see, it’s gonna be a wonder to behold! You’re gonna see the power of God fall upon Harlem! Tell these faggots, either they get outta town or flame and fire gonna come outta their butthole. And anybody that sympathizes with ’em, they gonna have a flame shooting outta their vagina. You gonna need asbestos panties! God has sent the word! Ye shall be justly afflicted! God will destroy you!

Previously Pastor Manning made news after claiming that Starbucks was using “sodomites’ semen” to flavor their lattes, and accusing President Barack Obama of “[releasing] homo demons on the black man” while asserting that gays are pedophiles.

And last December the Christian hate pastor warned protesters:

If you disrupt my church we will “castrate your men and slit the throats of your women” and then “piss on the graves of your ancestors.”

Bottom line: Pastor James David Manning’s obsession with gay men speaks for itself. Clearly the poor man is unhinged in more ways than one. Yet his over-the-top rants are amusing, and makes a mockery of all religious bigots. 

Watch Pastor Manning’s rant below –

(Image via Screen Grab)
Pastor James David Manning (Image via Screen Grab)
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