Sadistic Pastor Starves Dog For Bible Lesson

Sadistic Christian pastor starves dog because “the Bible says we have dominion over all things…”

In a Facebook video Pastor David Perry of New Selmont Baptist Church tortures and abuses his dog to make a confused point about the importance of obeying God and man’s supposed dominion over animals.

Apparently the pastor starved his dog Cowboy for two days, and then put food in front of the starving animal, instructing the dog to eat on command.

Pastor Perry tells his audience:

I ain’t fed him for ’bout two days just for this video. He’s hungry as all get out.

After allowing the ravenous animal to eat, Pastor Perry says:

Now if a dog can obey a man, surely a man can obey God.

The whole video makes little sense. All that is clear is that Pastor Perry starved his dog for a couple of days to teach some confused Bible lesson.

As the Friendly Atheist notes, it is “a rather unethical way of making a theological point.”

(H/T Able To Choose)

(Image via Screen Grab)
(Image via Screen Grab)
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