Grieving Widow’s Message For Religious Mourners Goes Viral

A grieving widow asks mourners to refrain from suggestions of an afterlife or divine plan.

If you’re not religious, well meaning but empty platitudes from believers like “They’re in a better place” or “Things happen for a reason” after a loved one has died can be counter-productive and even painful.

For those who have transcended the need for religious superstition, rather than being consoling, such empty platitudes can feel like salt being rubbed into a wound.

Earlier this week, Redditor PostMormon shared an image from a sign at a friend’s husband’s funeral. The image of the sign was posted with the following note:

My newly widowed friend told me she was so weary of all her religious family members telling her that her deceased husband was in a better place, that she was going to get a sign telling them to stop. I thought she was kidding…

… until I attended his memorial today.

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

Bottom line: Don’t share religious platitudes with someone who is grieving unless you know for a fact they would appreciate such platitudes.

(H/T Friendly AtheistWatch: “11 Things to NEVER Say to a Grieving Atheist” below.)


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