NM Lawmaker: Women ‘Have a Right to Get Slapped’

Trump loving New Mexico city councilor says women have a right to cook, to clean, and to “get slapped.”

Carlsbad City Councilor J.R. Doporto is facing a firestorm of criticism after making derogatory and demeaning remarks towards women on his Facebook page. Doporto, complaining about women marching against Trump last weekend, used his Facebook page to voice his overt misogyny:


Just want to give a heads up to the women! You have rights! A right to cook and a right to clean! Today is Sunday and the NFL playoffs our on. I suggest you stop your b!tch!ng/protesting during this time.

Because you also have a right to get slapped!

Immediately after making the offensive remarks endorsing, or at the very least joking about domestic violence, Doporto offered a non-apology, telling KOB-TV:

What is appropriate today as an elected official?  I mean, you see Donald Trump tweeting every day.  If I offended somebody I’m sorry. You uh, maybe shouldn’t uh, read my posts, just scroll on, everybody has that right.

In a failed attempt to try and justify his misogyny, Doporto told the Santa Fe Reporter:

Yeah, yeah. I was thumbing my nose at what was taking place. Enough already. Let’s get on. Women have had rights for … years that I have been alive. I don’t see no rights they don’t have that a man has. When are they going to get on and move on? I believe if a Democratic president was elected, Hillary, I don’t think we would’ve had those protests.

…. If I feel like joking around about domestic violence and I feel it’s okay to joke around about that, that’s my opinion…

However, after the media storm gathered strength, and many angry constituents began demanding his resignation, Doporto changed his tune. At a packed city council meeting Tuesday night Doporto was forced to face his critics. The humiliated politician groveled for forgiveness, saying:

I just want to every, um, all my constituents here in Carlsbad, um, sorry if I have offended anybody.

I simply woke up Sunday morning and posted a comment on my Facebook that I didn’t think was going to bother people the way that it did…

Despite the apology, many were not satisfied. A petition asking Doporto to resign is currently being circulated, and Doporto has deleted his Facebook account.

Bottom line: Domestic violence is never funny. Doporto’s apology is too little, too late. The man is a misogynist, and unfit to serve in public office.

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