GOP Senate Candidate: God Wants Christians ‘To Rule Over Us’

Theocracy alert: Pennsylvania state Rep. Rick Saccone is running for the Senate because he believes God wants Christians ‘“to rule over” the U.S.

The Republican recently announced that he intends to run for the U.S. Senate against Democratic Sen. Bob Casey Jr. next year. Explaining why he is running for the Senate on a popular radio program aimed at conservative Christians, Saccone said that he is running for Senate because God wants Christians “who will rule with the fear of God in them to rule over us.”

In the radio interview, Saccone argued that Christians must take control of the government:

(if Christians) don’t get involved in government, the government will get involved in you, and you won’t like the results. The government will run over you and you won’t have any say it. So Christians have to stand up and make sure that they have a say in their government and that they’re protecting their rights and our religious liberties which are being trampled on every day across this nation. If we don’t speak out, those liberties will be taken away. You can see it day after day, case after case.

Saccone added:

God has set out a plan for us. He wants godly men and women in all aspects of life. He wants people who will rule with the fear of God in them to rule over us. And if they don’t, then the evil side will take over and the government will control and run over the good people and so they have to stand up, that’s just part of it. If you don’t have good people in government, then you’ll have bad people in government—and when bad people are reigning over us, the people will not be happy.

Commenting on the story, Joe My God reports:

This is the guy whose state House resolution declared 2012 to be “The Year Of The Bible” in Pennsylvania and who sponsored an ultimately failed bill that would have required all public school boards to display “In God We Trust” at their meetings.

Saccone announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate earlier this week. He is currently serving as a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Saccone has also written a book titled “God in Our Government.” In his book, the Republican politician argues that God has always been a part of the government, and implies that the U.S. has always been, a de facto Christian theocracy.

(H/T Right Wing Watch – Listen to the interview below -)

Rep. Rick Saccone (Image via
Rep. Rick Saccone (Image via
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