Texas Woman Fired For Not Being Christian Enough

Religious discrimination: Texas company fires employee because she was not Christian enough and “needed to examine her walk with Jesus.”

A lawsuit filed in Texas documents that Gulf Winds International, a Texas logistics company, fired Dee Anne Thomson after she refused to hand out religious literature for her employer and expressed discomfort with the religious demands being placed on company employees.

Courthouse News Service reports:

Thomson, a 52-year-old mother of five daughters, was transferred to a different facility, demoted and eventually fired after she voiced opposition to the company’s overtly religious practices, according to her lawsuit filed Tuesday in Harris County District Court.

Thomson’s lawsuit describes some of the alleged religious practices:

Despite the fact that they are subject to laws regarding religious discrimination, defendant on a daily, routine, and regular basis sent emails containing Christian religious information, quotes and prayers to employees.

The lawsuit states:

Defendant discriminated and retaliated against plaintiff based on religion and because of her opposition [to] forced religious material in the workplace.

In her lawsuit Thomson says that she refused to distribute religious material while on the job  after she spoke up against Gulf Winds’ overtly religious practices, and as a result was transferred to another company facility and eventually terminated.

According to the Courthouse News Service report, Thomson “told the company president that employees reporting to her said they were not comfortable being forced to distribute the religious books to drivers.”

The president then took Thomson out to lunch to tell her that “she was not Christian enough and that she needed to examine her walk with Jesus,” according to the complaint.

Thomson reports she was fired within weeks of her demotion.

Houston-based Gulf Winds International is a third-party logistics provider in the transportation industry. Their mission statement declares:

Our Mission is to glorify God by providing world class logistics services through continual investment in our people, clients, community and the world we live in.

Thomson is seeking punitive damages against Gulf Winds International for claims of employment discrimination on religious grounds, retaliation, and violation of the Commission on Human Rights Act.


(Image via Atheist Republic)
Fired For Not Being Christian Enough (Image via Atheist Republic)
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