Blame White Evangelicals For Trump’s Withdrawal From Paris Climate Change Agreement

Blame white evangelicals: White evangelicals gave Donald Trump the White House, and white evangelicals reject the science behind climate change.

As our long national nightmare continues, we have white evangelicals to blame for Trump and his anti-science, anti-planet agenda.

On Thursday President Donald Trump announced his disastrous decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate accord, a decision that humiliates the nation abroad, while placing the planet at much greater risk from the looming effects of global warming.

However, many of Trump’s supporters, many white evangelicals, support Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, and reject the overwhelming established science behind climate change.

Blame White Evangelicals For Trump

Five Thirty Eight reports national exit polls show white evangelical voters voted in record high numbers for Donald Trump, 81-16 percent. It is the widest margin for a Republican presidential candidate ever among evangelicals since they have been tracking the numbers.

The Wall Street Journal confirms that more than 80% of white evangelical and born-again Christians voted for Trump. According to national exit polling, a larger percentage of evangelicals backed Trump then backed Mitt Romney, John McCain, or George W. Bush, the GOP candidates in the past three elections.

As for women, more than 75% of white evangelical women voted for Trump, according to the exit polls.

That’s right, more than 75% of white evangelical women voted for Donald Trump. Think about that. Think about all those “good Christian” women voting for a self-confessed “pussy grabber,” a man who brags about being able to sexually assault women without fear of consequence.

Trump and White Evangelicals Reject Science

Trump is an idiot who claims vaccines cause autism, and also believes global warming is a hoax.

Yet trump is not alone in his ignorance. According to the Pew Research Center, white evangelicals are the least likely of any U.S. religious group to believe climate change is occurring.

Noting that “Trump’s Evangelical Base Won’t Much Care If We Leave The Paris Accord” HuffPost reports:

Just 28 percent of white evangelicals believe the Earth is warming primarily due to human activity, compared with 56 percent of black Protestants and 41 percent of white mainline Protestants who say it is.

Thirty-three percent of white evangelicals say the Earth’s warming is mostly due to natural patterns, and 37 percent don’t believe that climate change is occurring.

The ignorance of white evangelicals should come as no surprise, once one considers the positions their leaders take on climate change.

For example, super Christian and Fox News pundit Erick Erickson is but one of many Christians who is proud to declare his love for Jesus and his contempt for the planet:

(I worship Jesus, not Mother Earth. He calls us all to be good stewards of the planet, but doesn’t mean I have to care about global warming.)

Another example: Earlier this week  GOP Congressman Tim Walberg promised that if climate change is really a problem, God will take care of it.

Speaking at a town hall in Coldwater, Michigan, Rep. Walberg explained that he is a Christian, and that as a Christian he is confident that if climate change is “a real problem” God “can take care of it.”

Bottom line

Most evangelicals are shameless, selfish, hypocrites, who reject morality and decency in favor of an immoral, authoritarian, bully. Their allegiance is not to the people of the United States, not to the people of the planet, not to the truth. Instead, they pledge their allegiance to an imaginary ghost. They wallow in their ignorance while praising their precious Jesus, oblivious to and uncaring about the planet upon which they live.

Blame White Evangelicals For Trump’s Withdrawal From Paris Climate Change Agreement (Image via Screen Grab)
Blame White Evangelicals For Trump’s Withdrawal From Paris Climate Change Agreement (Image via Screen Grab)
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