Televangelist: Manchester Victims ‘Literally Invited’ Attack By Mocking God

American Taliban: Televangelist Jim Bakker claims the Manchester victims of the bombing at an Ariana Grande concert “literally invited” the attack by mocking God

Bakker said concert goers brought the terror attack upon themselves by attending the singer’s “Dangerous Woman Tour,” according to a report via Right Wing Watch.

Discussing the horrific terror attack that left 22 people dead and dozens more injured, Bakker suggested the victims were to blame because by attending Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” concert, the victims were mocking God:

What was the name of that concert? ‘Dangerous Woman concert.’ If we could tell you what we know—and we don’t have time today—but we’re going to talk about some of those things, they literally invited these kinds of things to happen. They almost cursed themselves with this concert. I tell you what, God’s not going to put up with mockery. ‘Be not deceived, God is not mocked.’

Bakker is not the only Christian extremist blaming the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing. Calling the Manchester bombing victims “sluts,” “whores,” and “sodomites,” other Christian extremists have also blamed the victims, and also suggested they deserved their tragic fate.

Christian extremist and anti-LGBTQ activist Theodore Shoebat posted a video on his website reacting to the terrorist attack, noting that he has no sympathy for those who were killed or injured because they are all “sodomites-lovers’” and “sluts.”

Another Christian extremist, blogger Jennifer Mayer, claimed that God was using the terror attack to send Ariana Grande a message about “being promiscuous and promoting homosexuals.”

Adding to the chorus of deplorables, right wing nut and conservative thought leader Alex Jones called the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing “liberal trendies.”

Bottom line: Islamic extremists kill little girls going to a pop concert because it supposedly offends God, and many Christian extremists agree, because “God’s not going to put up with mockery.”

Televangelist Jim Bakker Blames Manchester Victims (Image via Screen Grab)
Televangelist Jim Bakker Blames Manchester Victims (Image via Screen Grab)
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