GOP Senator Calls Trump Presidency ‘Biblical Miracle’

GOP Senator Calls Trump Presidency ‘Biblical Miracle’ July 11, 2017

Claiming that Trump is “the greatest thing that’s happened to this country,” GOP Senator Luther Strange calls President Trump “a biblical miracle.”

Strange, who was appointed to fill the senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is apparently in love with Donald Trump.

Earlier this week the Alabama senator spoke at a forum hosted by the Montgomery County Republican Executive Committee, declaring that President Trump’s electoral victory was “a biblical miracle.”

An excited Strange said:

President Trump is the greatest thing that’s happened to this country. I consider it a Biblical miracle that he’s there.

The irony of course is that for all intents and purposes Trump is, at best, a Christian of convenience. Indeed, he is a man that appears to have no convictions, religious or otherwise, and represents everything that Christian morality rejects, at least in theory.

It is stunning but not surprising to note that the majority of  conservative Christians like GOP Senator Luther Strange are happy to support a president with a long and well documented history of racism, misogyny, and corruption, a man that brags about being able to sexually assault women with impunity.

In fact, White conservative Christians propelled Donald Trump to the White House.

Five Thirty Eight reports national exit polls show white evangelical voters voted in record high numbers for Donald Trump, 81-16 percent. It is the widest margin for a Republican presidential candidate ever among evangelicals since they have been tracking the numbers.

The Wall Street Journal confirms that more than 80% of white evangelical and born-again Christians voted for Trump. According to national exit polling, a larger percentage of evangelicals backed Trump then backed Mitt Romney, John McCain, or George W. Bush, the GOP candidates in the past three elections.

Bottom line: Conservative Christians like  GOP Senator Luther Strange are shameless hypocrites who reject morality and decency in favor of an immoral, authoritarian, bully.

GOP Senator Luther Strange (Image via screen grab)
GOP Senator Luther Strange (Image via screen grab)
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