Trump-Loving Sheriff Won’t Let Deputies Carry Overdose Antidote

A Trump-loving Ohio sheriff claims you only enable addicts by saving their lives, and will not allow his deputies to use Narcan to prevent death by overdose.

Richard Jones, a deplorable human being, and the Butler County Sheriff, says he will not allow his deputies to carry the lifesaving drug Narcan unless a court orders him to do so.

Explaining his refusal to allow his deputies to carry the lifesaving overdose antidote in his drug ravaged county, Sheriff Jones said:

This Narcan, all it does is save people’s lives for another day.


You enable these people when you give them this Narcan.

When asked about his deplorable and inhumane policy, a defiant Jones told HuffPost:

My officers don’t carry Narcan, nor will they.

Narcan is a popular and highly effective opioid overdose reversal drug that saves hundreds, if not thousands, of lives around the country every day.

Currently there is an opioid epidemic in Butler County. USA Today notes:

More than half of Butler County’s 25 municipalities had at least one heroin/fentanyl overdose-related death in 2016… The Butler County Coroner’s Office handled 192 overdose deaths last year, and of those, 80% were heroin/fentanyl-related…

AP reports:

Ohio is among the states hit hardest by the opioid crisis. Butler County, near Cincinnati, had a record 192 drug overdose deaths last year. The county coroner has said it is on pace for other record year in 2017.

Adding insult to injury, HuffPost reports:

Drug overdose is the leading cause of death in Butler County, Ohio.

Sheriff Jones’ comments come after a city councilman in Butler County’s Middletown made news last month after suggesting addicts suffering an overdose should be left to die instead of wasting county resources to save their lives. Middletown City Councilman Dan Picard drew national attention after suggesting that emergency crews should stop responding to people who overdose multiple times and instead simply let those people overdosing die.

Bottom line: By refusing to allow his deputies to save the lives of addicts in crisis, Sheriff Jones demonstrates that he is a deplorable human being and is unfit to serve in public office.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones Won’t Let Deputies Carry Overdose Antidote (Image via Twitter)
Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones Won’t Let Deputies Carry Overdose Antidote (Image via Twitter)
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