Atheists Denounce White House Bible Study At Taxpayer Expense

Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney Andrew Seidel condemns White House Bible Study while appearing on Fox and Friends.

In a contentious appearance on Fox and Friends, Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney Andrew Seidel questioned the wisdom and propriety of weekly Bible studies being held at the White House, and attended by top government officials.

At one point in the heated discussion Seidel declared:

… It can’t be considered proper or in keeping with American values for government officials to get together on taxpayer time to study a book that condones slavery and the subjugation of women and the eternal torture and torment of people who don’t believe like you. So even if it doesn’t violate the Constitution directly, it certainly violates that core principle of American government, the separation of state and church.

Seidel and others are concerned that key officials in Trump’s Cabinet are attending weekly prayer and Bible study meetings that are being led by Pastor Ralph Drollinger, a controversial right-wing pastor who preaches a message promoting a conservative Christian theocracy for the U.S.

Fusion reports on the weekly White House Bible Study:

Vice President Mike Pence, HUD Secretary Ben Carson, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, nominee for Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, HHS Secretary Tom Price, and Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, have all sponsored the Capitol Ministries Cabinet Bible study, according to literature put out by Capitol Ministries.

Pastor Drollinger is a controversial figure with strong anti-woman, anti-gay, and anti-Catholic views. Writing for Fusion, Brendan O’Connor notes:

Drollinger has variously proclaimed that Catholicism is “the world’s largest false religion,” that female legislators who continue working after having children are sinners, and that homosexuality is an “abomination.” He has also written that social welfare programs are un-Christian. “It is safe to say that God is a Capitalist,” Drollinger once wrote, “not a Communist.”

Raw Story reports Pastor Drollinger is dedicated to “making disciples of  Christ in the Capitol” and spreading Christian fundamentalism among U.S. leaders.

Drollinger’s recent book, Rebuilding America: The Biblical Blueprint, is a blueprint for a Christian theocracy, and purports to answer the question, “What is the biblical prescription to Making America Great Again?”

In a statement condemning the weekly White House Bible Study meetings, the Freedom From Religion Foundation said the weekly Bible study may be an illegal use of taxpayer funds, and is definitely a waste of time and money. Promising further investigation into this questionable practice, the statement declares:

Study the bible in your private capacity, not in your official capacity and at your government desk. Do it on your on time, not the taxpayers’. In short, get off your knees and get to work.

Bottom line: Seidel and others are right to be concerned about weekly White House Bible studies with a controversial pastor who wants “disciples of Christ” to take over the government and turn the U.S. into a Christian theocracy.

Andrew Seidel condemns White House Bible Study (Image via Screen Grab)
Andrew Seidel condemns White House Bible Study (Image via Screen Grab)
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