California Emergency Alert Announces End of the World

California cable customers freak out after an emergency alert interrupts programs to announce the end of the world.

CBS Los Angeles reports that an “ominous” emergency alert broadcast on Thursday morning suggested the world would end on Saturday, leaving cable customers confused and frightened.

According to multiple reports, television broadcasts in Southern California were interrupted late Thursday morning by an Emergency Alert.

As the text “Emergency Alert” flashed across the TV screen, a big booming voice declared:

Realize this, in the last days, extremely violent times will come.

The Orange County Register reports  customers from Spectrum Cable and Cox Communications both received the ominous but false message suggesting the world was coming to an end.

Joe Camero, a spokesman for Cox Communications, blamed the problematic transmission on local radio stations conducted an emergency test:

With these tests, an emergency tone is sent out to initiate the test. After the tone is transmitted, another tone is sent to end the message. It appears that the radio station (or stations) did not transmit the end tone to complete the test.

The spokesman added:

We don’t want to alarm anyone with any false emergency alerts.

CBS Los Angeles notes:

Some suspect that it may have been a well-known evangelical pastor who broadcasts at 11 a.m. from and Orange County radio station. Officials are still unclear how his message could have wound up on an emergency alert broadcast.

The timing of the emergency alert is particularly alarming for some Bible believing Christians who are convinced that the end is near because Biblical prophecy suggests that the apocalypse will occur on September 23, 2017.

For Bible believing Christians, the “Rapture,” as described in the Book of Revelation, is the beginning of the end times, when “worthy Christians” are lifted into heaven by Jesus, and those left behind will be forced to face the end of the world, also known as the apocalypse.

California Emergency Alert Announces End Of The World (Image via Screen Grab)
California Emergency Alert Announces End Of The World (Image via Screen Grab)
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