Domestic Terrorists Arrested For Attempted Homicide After White Nationalist Rally

Domestic Terrorists Arrested For Attempted Homicide After White Nationalist Rally October 20, 2017

Three domestic terrorists are under arrest after making Nazi salutes before opening fire on protesters in the aftermath of a white nationalist rally in Florida.

Police in Gainesville, Florida arrested three domestic terrorists following a rally featuring white nationalist leader Richard Spencer at the University of Florida campus in Gainesville on Thursday, October 19.

According to a statement from the Gainesville Police Department via Facebook:

Gainesville area law enforcement located and arrested three men about 20 miles north of Gainesville late Thursday for their role in a shooting that followed the afternoon speech by Richard Spencer.

28 year old Tyler Tenbrink of Richmond, Texas; 30 year old William Fears and 28 year old Colton Fears of Passadena, Texas are all currently in the Alachua County Jail on charges of Attempted Homicide…

Raw Story reports:

The men reportedly began threatening to “f*cking kill” and “shoot” the protesters, before eventually offering the Nazi salute and shouting “Heil Hitler.” Police say Tenbrink, a convicted felon, fired the shot. One of the protestors managed to write down the license plate of the silver Jeep the three men were riding in.

Commenting on the incident, Gainesville police spokesman Officer Ben Tobias complimented the victims of the shooting for their quick thinking:

I am amazed that immediately after being shot at, a victim had the forethought to get the vehicle’s license number. That key piece of information allowed officials from every level of multiple agencies to quickly identify and arrest these persons. This was an amazing team effort by everyone involved.

Prior to the white nationalist rally, Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency, warning that the “threat of a potential emergency is imminent.” In a statement issued at the time Scott said:

We live in a country where everyone has the right to voice their opinion. However, we have zero tolerance for violence and public safety is always our number one priority. I have been in constant contact with Sheriff Darnell who has requested this Executive Order to ensure that county and local law enforcement have every needed resource. This executive order is an additional step to ensure that the University of Florida and the entire community is prepared so everyone can stay safe.

Earlier this year white nationalists staged a violent riot at a “Unite the Right” rally in Virginia. The “Unite the Right” rally began as a protest of plans to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from a city park. However, the planned protest and rally quickly degenerated into a violent riot after torch-wielding white nationalists and white supremacists marched through Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us” and “white lives matter.”

Unfortunately, the “Unite the Right” rally staged in Charlottesville by white nationalists resulted in in one death and at least 19 injuries.

William and Colton Fears are being held on $1 million bond, Tenbrink’s bond has been set to $3 million.

Bottom line: The three Nazis  under arrest in Florida are domestic terrorists. However, because they are white and shouted “Heil Hitler,” instead of being brown and shouting “Allahu Akbar,” the mainstream media is slow to call them terrorists.   

Domestic Terrorists Arrested For Attempted Homicide After White Nationalist Rally (Image via Facebook)
Domestic Terrorists Arrested For Attempted Homicide After White Nationalist Rally (Image via Facebook)
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